The Last Look + Brazil Travel Tips

I’m grateful for great friends and the freedom we’ve found in exploring the world together… Before we bid adieu to…


Travel Diary: Into The Amazon

To get to the Juma Amazon Lodge, deep in the heart of the Brazilian jungle, one must take a flight…


On Fridays We Wear White

On Fridays, the believers wear white in honor of Oxala, the god of creation. The women’s dresses are like frothy…


Hotel Villa Bahia

I looooove hotels, and have had the good fortune to experience a wealth of inspiring spaces around the world, from…


Discovering Márcia Ganem

In Salvador da Bahia, we were delighted to discover designer Márcia Ganem (above left), whose truly innovative work builds off…


Travel Diary: Salvador da Bahia

Some places really grab you by the heart and romance your soul, and I can hardly express how deeply that…


A Hot Date At The Copacabana Palace

Should you ever find yourself on the beaches of Rio, never hesitate to hook up with a hot date for…


Sunsets In Rio

For an especially splendid sunset in New York City, I can rely on an avalanche of Instagrams celebrating its magnificence…

  • Simply the best 🍅 All the fresh food @puntacanaresort has me missing my @newzlynd
  • Diving head first into the blue lagoon💦 📷by my #1 travel buddy @annstreetstudio
  • This fellow was a FLIRT!
  • Although at the moment I find myself in #DominicanRepublic, my heart is always in #Manhattan. Today on, discover a few locations that inspire me most in the incredible city I call home. @tiffanyandco #disclosingbeauty #tiffanyatlas
  • Celebrating #OscarDeLaRenta's legacy today by learning about the biodiversity and #zerowaste sustainability programs he enabled and supported in #PuntaCana
  • My career began with #OscarDeLaRenta and we've shared so many adventures and memories with the man and the brand ever since. Now, to be mourning his passing from his own beautiful oasis resort in the Dominican Republic is terribly bittersweet. He is missed.
  • My day has been bookended by epic fires in the sky
  • Snapping selfies from behind the wheel of my personal golf cart as I carve a happy swath across the sandy paths of #PuntaCana
  • Ran into all-time favorite shoes (beaded #SpanishMules! be still my heart!) at chez #OscarDeLaRenta in #PuntaCana