Summer’s End

  • SummersEndP4

    Summer’s End: Part IV

    And as our summer draws sharply to a close, so our story ends… “He must have looked up at an unfamiliar…

  • SummersEndP3

    Summer’s End: Part III

    |THROUGHOUT| vintage headpiece & fan, Chris Benz dress, Jessica Hicks bracelet,  Hue floral tights, Jean Michel Cazabat shoes |CLICK IMAGES| to view fullscreen // Summer’s End Part…

  • SummersEndP2

    Summer’s End: Part II

    And so the story continues, and a sly coquette unfurls from within our innocent flower… “It excited him, too, that…

  • SummersEnd

    Summer’s End: Part I

    Summer is suddenly drawing to a close; while the days are still long and hot, the nights grow quickly colder… “I love…

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