Styled by Kelly Framel

  • Candomble12

    On Fridays We Wear White

    On Fridays, the believers wear white in honor of Oxala, the god of creation. The women’s dresses are like frothy…

  • BodyBahia

    The Body Bahia


  • SarahSophieFlicker1

    Sarah Sophie’s Special Sort Of Sorcery

    As far as we’re concerned, Sarah Sophie Flicker ~ star of The Sorceress (our latest collaboration with Shae DeTar) ~…

  • TheSorceress3

    The Sorceress

    In 1919, the playwright Eden Phillpotts wrote, “The universe is full of magical things, patiently waiting for our wits to…

  • SnowInSuno

    Snow In Suno

    |SNOW IN SUNO| starring Snow |PHOTOGRAPHY + STYLING| by Kelly Framel |HAIR| by Francis Anthony Rodriguez |MAKEUP| by David B…

  • ThirdEye

    Close Encounters Of The Third Eye

    Musician Alix Brown takes a psychoactive voyage into the woods to open her third eye, as artist Shae DeTar unblocks the doors of perception and dares us to see the unseeable.

  • CBInterview2

    She Said / She Said

    Where are you from? We grew up in the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, but have lived in New York for…

  • Cabaret

    Life Is A Cabaret!

    |ABOVE| COCO (left) wears: Satya Twena cloche, Dannijo earrings, Modcloth collar, Adrienne Landau capelet, Anna Sui dress, Candela dress (layered…

  • BonnesFetes

    Bonnes Fêtes!

    |ABOVE| Donna Karan dress, Chopard cuff |ABOVE LEFT| Bibhu Mohapatra gown |ABOVE RIGHT| Marchesa gown, Chopard earrings |BELOW| Rubin Singer…

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