beauty + truth

  • MaiyetResort

    A Fluid Geometry

    Maiyet’s Resort 2015 collection conveys the same poetry as the first line drawn on a fresh artist’s canvas.

  • Truth+Beauty4_1

    Beauty & Truth: Chapter IV

    The quest for truth is a challenging thing. It’s been difficult for me to claim in this medium called blogging…

  • Truth+Beauty3_1

    Beauty & Truth: Chapter III

    Feathers recur as a sacred talisman in many cultures, from the Egyptians to the Greeks, by Mexicans and by Native…

  • Truth+Beauty2_1

    Beauty & Truth: Chapter II

    She sailed with Ra in his celestial barque, the ship that daily carried the sun across the skies, for it…

  • Truth+Beauty1_1

    Beauty & Truth: Chapter I

    Myths were a way of passing down behavioral expectations, codes of conduct, and moral obligation. They were reminders that the…

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