• HairExtensions1

    How To Apply Hair Extensions

    Surprisingly, the fastest and easiest hair styling solution I’ve tried in ages!

  • HowToTieATurban

    How To Tie A Turban

    We’ve been rocking a fantastical array of head wraps around here lately ~ from the simple to the insanely sculptural…

  • GigiBurris

    Gigi Burris’ Barbs

    While 3D thistles added a refreshing edge to an otherwise-ladylike Marchesa show, they are truly the hallmark of any Gigi…

  • Brooches3

    How To: Wear Brooches Better

    During Fashion Week, I  wore Rebecca Taylor’s lovely, lightweight boucle jacket (one of my favorite pieces this season) with a…

  • BleachedJeans1

    DIY: Bleach-Patterned Jeans

    Recently I’ve been really into painting subtle patterns onto my blue jeans using bleach. The genesis of this was conceived…

  • MessyWaves

    Hair Tutorial: Messy Waves

    It’s been some time since my last hair tutorial, and since my style has inevitably evolved since then, I figured…

  • SpookyBeauty

    DIY: Halloween

    I love getting dressed up for Halloween ~ it is THE fashion holiday! It’s also the best day of the year…

  • BackToSchool

    Back To School Beauty

    In honor of the back-to-school season, FLIRT! and I teamed up to create three fun, fall-ready beauty looks, with an…

  • DIY_GoForGold

    DIY: Go For The Gold!

    When planning accessories for our Swim Week shoot, I had in mind some sort of graphic, gilded bangles ~ something…

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