Joan Smalls, Making Waves

Watch what happens when two icons collide.

Triumphantly Free

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Triumph’s Amourette collection, and the triumph of female confidence.

Chanel Is My BoyFriend

A love story between Chanel’s new Boy.Friend watch and supermodel Alina Baikova.

Spanish Harlem Summer

Spanish Harlem Summer

Shot in a secret garden in Spanish Harlem, our sartorial ode to this steamy city summer.

A Sweet Escape

The allure of pretty party dresses can only be beat by the sway of the sea.

  • Brunching in Ballgowns

    Raising a glass to Zac Posen’s design collaboration with Ecco Domani wines.

  • And God Created Liza

    Liza Voloshin channels the many intricacies of a young Brigitte Bardot.

  • Remarkable Memories

    Celebrating the ways in which truly special jewelry speaks to us at every age.

  • Rediscovering The Goddess

    A celebration of the female body at its Rubenesque best.

  • Hooked On Couture

    Violinist Margot embodies a musical note, dancing across the blank page, in Chanel Haute Spring 2015.

  • The Portrait Of A Lady

    A young American woman confronting her destiny, whatever it might be…

  • V Is For Victory

    We’ll take personal victories over cheesy valentines any day of the year.

  • The Mirage

    Channeling Grace Kelly on holiday: the ultimate escape from winter’s chill.

  • Romance + Whimsy

    True-life Tinkerbell Nora Vai, photographed in a fleet of fine jewelry straight out of a fairy tale.

  • Marfa / Miami / Mykonos

    Resort revelry within white dresses, black swimsuits and jewelry that fits like a second skin.

  • A Little Bit Of Leg

    An intimate portrait session, an artistic exploration of light and legs.

  • Oi To The World

    Regressing into adolescent inertia is the greatest holiday tradition of all.

The Glamourai Shop

  • Pack, unpack, rinse, repeat 💥✈️✌🏼**side note: I must admit I love these miracle moments when there's actually room for me on this @perigold chair — meaning for once it's not fully buried under a pile of clothes in my dressing room!** 🙇🏼‍♀️😬💁🏼 tap for luggage credits!
  • Less than a week in NYC and I'm itching to trade skyscrapers for big skies yet again 💙💕
  • Date night with @globaliza + @cartier, coordinating in gloriously beaded silks from @figuelove's new couture collection 👯 photo by @bfa
  • Despite so many devastating headlines, a new era is truly brewing. There is an amplification, hopefulness, power and connectivity in women's collective voice that is getting stronger and more in sync by the minute. Never have we had so many outlets to share truth, to embolden, and to protect each other — outlets like @otherfestival, organized by @deepoku, in partnership with @maryalicestephenson and @glam4good, happening all this weekend at @citypointbklyn.
I'll be speaking there THIS SUNDAY at 12:15pm with my favorite flower @lily_kwong — the queen of green — on the topic of monetizing your work while protecting your authenticity. I hope you will come, listen, ask questions, and contribute your own wisdom to the conversation. We all need each other. #otherfestival
  • We all begin as clay, and if we are paying attention, life molds us into enlightened beings ✨so proud of this little soul-fire and ecstatic to discover the further work that will be born of it 🔥
  • Simply existing in 2017 has really hurt — and like so many of us, I have been searching for a way to personally resist and publicly react to the daily parade of lies, environmental poisoning, and toxic masculinity. This search for expression began in an instinct to defend our brothers and sisters in Mexico, and the many deeply disadvantaged immigrants and minorities who live among us in unfair fear. For me, the creation of beauty seemed to be the most authentic defense against so much ugliness.
I began designing small sculptures inspired by pineapples, the symbol of hospitality — a way to say, ‘you are welcome here.’ On my sketchpad, these quickly grew into large-scale totems — a purposeful theft of the masculine / phallic — covered in peaceful flowers and thus reclaimed for the divine feminine. Among these symbols, I further embedded the organic poetry of the pine cone — the universal representation of human enlightenment, the Third Eye — because our collective consciousness MUST lift us out of this mess. .
As the ideas evolved, I wove my favorite myths into the work as well, for the loss of ancient wisdom accounts for much of our modern suffering. .
Today I finished the first of many sculptures still to come: The Legend Of The Phoenix, wherein feathers and flames burst into a mushroom cloud of destruction, but ultimately blossom into bright new life. She is a totem of hope.
  • Almost 4 months ago, I traveled to a very small town in Mexico to ask one of the country's most esteemed artisan families if they would be open to collaborating with me on a series of archetypal totems I dreamed of creating. They accepted my strange proposal, and for several months I sent sketches and notes, as they ran architectural tests to determine if what I envisioned was truly possible. Last week I journeyed to their workshop again, and together we have worked to complete the first and smallest sculpture of the series, the family teaching me the ways of the clay while I painted for 12 hours a day, layering stories and symbolism into the sacred structure. Our bodies are tired, for the physical labor has been hard on us all. But our hearts are filled to bursting with the inspiration, laughter, and wisdom we have shared. This work has only just begun ✨
  • "What I love best," sighed the swan, "is to be under the wide blue sky or the cool blue water."
  • Can't get over how good it feels to bring back the pixie! ✨ Why did I wait so long?! 💇🏼 Thank you @inbtwscissors for the dream cut + helping me discover this part of myself again 🙏🏼
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