Joan Smalls, Making Waves

Watch what happens when two icons collide.

Triumphantly Free

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Triumph’s Amourette collection, and the triumph of female confidence.

Chanel Is My BoyFriend

A love story between Chanel’s new Boy.Friend watch and supermodel Alina Baikova.

Spanish Harlem Summer

Spanish Harlem Summer

Shot in a secret garden in Spanish Harlem, our sartorial ode to this steamy city summer.

A Sweet Escape

The allure of pretty party dresses can only be beat by the sway of the sea.

  • Brunching in Ballgowns

    Raising a glass to Zac Posen’s design collaboration with Ecco Domani wines.

  • And God Created Liza

    Liza Voloshin channels the many intricacies of a young Brigitte Bardot.

  • Remarkable Memories

    Celebrating the ways in which truly special jewelry speaks to us at every age.

  • Rediscovering The Goddess

    A celebration of the female body at its Rubenesque best.

  • Hooked On Couture

    Violinist Margot embodies a musical note, dancing across the blank page, in Chanel Haute Spring 2015.

  • The Portrait Of A Lady

    A young American woman confronting her destiny, whatever it might be…

  • V Is For Victory

    We’ll take personal victories over cheesy valentines any day of the year.

  • The Mirage

    Channeling Grace Kelly on holiday: the ultimate escape from winter’s chill.

  • Romance + Whimsy

    True-life Tinkerbell Nora Vai, photographed in a fleet of fine jewelry straight out of a fairy tale.

  • Marfa / Miami / Mykonos

    Resort revelry within white dresses, black swimsuits and jewelry that fits like a second skin.

  • A Little Bit Of Leg

    An intimate portrait session, an artistic exploration of light and legs.

  • Oi To The World

    Regressing into adolescent inertia is the greatest holiday tradition of all.

The Glamourai Shop

  • When I first moved to New York, @thekimswift and I were roommates in a beat-up ol' brownstone on Keap Street in Brooklyn. We were totally broke, sewed our own clothes, made bizarre art together, and ate rice and beans every night for dinner (back then it was literally all we could afford). Life was messy and vibrant and creative and fun.
Fast forward thirteen years, and everything and nothing has changed. As the past two weeks in Oaxaca have proven, we still love making weird shit together and eating rice & beans for every dinner. Some things will always be.
  • 2018 New Years' resolutions include: find a live / work studio in Oaxaca, buy a beetle 💙
  • Empty plates and afternoon shadows. Life is perfect at @pocoapocoapoco 📷 by @ceciliarenard
  • Roaming the rooftops on a wintery Oaxaca evening 🌬
  • A Saturday spent reading / writing / napping in my simple, tuberose-scented, candlelit room at @pocoapocoapoco artists' residence.
  • Market day in #Oaxaca
  • Back at my favorite paper-making workshop in Oaxaca today to create a huge custom canvas for a new artwork I'm imagining. Currently sculpting my signature into the pulp before we let it dry in the sun for the next 5 days. What a thrill to build something so personal, so special, and so immense! 📷 by @ceciliarenard
  • Afternoon light drenching the calla lilies in my kitchen window 🙌🏼
  • When your friends turn their paintings into earrings so you can wear their art everywhere you roam ✨ thanks @thesensemaker for creating such a beautiful way to keep you close to me - and for any of you in Austin, shop my talented best friend Miguel Rangel's new accessory collection this Saturday at @hotelsanjose, this Sunday at The Pershing and everyday at @bygeorgeaustin 👊🏼
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