Joan Smalls, Making Waves

Watch what happens when two icons collide.


Triumphantly Free

Celebrating the 60th anniversary of Triumph’s Amourette collection, and the triumph of female confidence.


Chanel Is My BoyFriend

A love story between Chanel’s new Boy.Friend watch and supermodel Alina Baikova.

Spanish Harlem Summer

Spanish Harlem Summer

Shot in a secret garden in Spanish Harlem, our sartorial ode to this steamy city summer.


A Sweet Escape

The allure of pretty party dresses can only be beat by the sway of the sea.

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  • Always happy to find myself lost in a land before time
  • La tourista in @stetsonusa hat, @onoracasa necklace, @goodbyefolk vintage shirt, @isabelmarant pants & @msgm_official shoes
  • Museum day in DF 🤓
  • Sometimes I am very depressed by globalization; at other times, incredibly invigorated.
Today I had a wonderful experience of the latter. @newzlynd and I are in the midst of designing a new restaurant in NYC, and these exact floor tiles have been on our mood board for months. We had no idea where in the world the inspiration image came from, until this afternoon when we suddenly stumbled upon them IRL while walking around Roma. What a glorious surprise! How magical when the dots connect and the great big world becomes so sweetly small. The exchange of ideas and information has never been more democratic. For that I am grateful.
#fromwhereistand #ihavethisthingwithfloors
  • Mexico City, so sexy in the early evening light ✨
  • When you're happy and you know it đź’™
  • La reina 🙌🏽 #FridaKahlo
  • The queen's crown đź‘‘ #FridaKahlo
  • #FridaKahlo's embroidered boots
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