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  • Sit quietly with your Self ✨
  • No doubt the most rewarding thing about coming to a rural village to build sculptures has been the curiosity and delight of the local children, for whom I've become an accidental art teacher. They wait in the road for my car to arrive every morning, happily waking up hours before school starts to paint with me. Every child is an artist, so why do so many of us lose our way?
  • I spent every second of my childhood building universes out of clay and painting murals on every surface I could find - literally emptying out dresser drawers and under-sink cabinets to create canvases for creation, staying up all night to continue molding + marking. Why do we think we need to find more 'purposeful' pursuits as adults than the ones we knew we needed as kids?! Finally finding my way back to what has always been my truth, and feeling very full, very free, very me. #sometimeswedestroyourselves
  • Grateful for the tribal Purapecha people who have welcomed me as one of their own, taught me their customs, become my artistic collaborators, and my most sincere and generous friends 🙏🏼
  • Wishing a very happy birthday to my very favorite goddess: the inimitable, irrepressible, irresistible @globaliza
It's entirely possible that my whole life peaked today.
  • Sunday afternoon in a peaceful highland village in the mountains of Michoacán, Mexico
  • For the best Saturday ever, get you a road trip buddy like @lily_kwong and a trusty steed like @audi, because adventure awaits the brave 👉 link in bio 💥#alwaysadventuring #roadtrip #AudiTTRS #audipartner
  • I need the sea because it teaches me 🙌🏼 #BigSur #roadtrip
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