Piece, Love, Africa

28th June, 2017

About a year ago, one of my great friends and muses, Liza Voloshin, began working with Piece & Co — a very special textile manufacturer that was founded in 2012 by superwoman Kathleen Wright, whose primary objective was to expand opportunities for women in the developing world. Piece & Co creates high-quality socially and environmentally sustainable fabrics, while empowering thousands of artisans (mostly women!) to develop into small businesses and claim their place in the global supply chain.

Piece & Co is a social enterprise whose values I completely believe in, so I was thrilled when Liza and Kathleen approached Kizmet for creative consultation. They had been so busy saving the world that they hadn’t stopped to figure out how to tell their story — and with a massive collaboration with Banana Republic in the works, it was time for Piece & Co to own their identity.

We worked with them to understand the archetypes they represented, we built their logo and storytelling frameworks, we created their website, fabric headers, and sampling systems — in short, a total creative suite that allowed them to effectively communicate their goals, goods and deeds. It was a multilayered, intensive process that culminated in all of us traveling to South Africa this past March, to film the artisans who created the Banana Republic fabrics, and to shoot the campaign for the collection on models who grew up the region where they were created.

This was a powerful, unforgettable, important collaboration to have been a part of, and I am so proud today to share with you The Art of the Sun Dye, and to announce that the Banana Republic x Piece & Co collection is available NOW.

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