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27th July, 2016

Recently I watched an excellent TED Talk from architect Ole Scheeren, in which he condemned the “detrimental straightjacket” of the modernist mantra “form follows function” — suggesting instead that our creative culture adopt an attitude of “form follows fiction”. Basically, what he means is that we should imagine the lived stories of a product’s end users, and let those stories inform the entire design process.

It’s the same attitude I have always championed when I write, “dress for the adventure you want to have”. The idea is that if you create an aesthetic context for a fabulous experience, a fabulous experience is what you will ultimately have.

“Form follows fiction” is an attitude that is obviously understood by Steamline Luggage — a new travel brand that is creating simultaneously classic yet fashion-forward suitcases, designed with dreamy (and über photogenic) adventures in mind. With a range of vintage-inspired shapes, an affordable price point, and immensely Instagrammable color options, Steamline is poised to bring glamour back to the travel experience. The styling is pure fantasy, but happily the performance works wonderfully in reality.

I recently ordered their Diplomat carry-on for a weekend trip to the Bahamas, and was stopped by at least 10 people in the airport, plus the entire flight crew and even the pilot — everyone wanted to know where to get one of their own! Turns out we could all use a bit more fiction in our function.
SteamlineLuggage2ABOVE|  Steamline suitcase, Yosuzi hat, Emm Kuo cosmetics bag, Edie Parker clutch

TUNE IN TOMORROW|  for our postcards from the Bahamas!

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