Game Night!

13th April, 2016

April showers are upon us, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get social this spring. A rainy evening is the perfect excuse to stay home and bring the party to you!

On a recent stormy night in Miami, we gathered some girlfriends for Game Night, complete with simple snacks, bottles of Ecco Domani wine and some playful competition. To add a twist on the night, we scored points across all of the games to come up with one final winner. One win equaled one point! This works for any selection of games you want to play, but below was our fun-filled run of show:
GameNight2 We kicked off the evening with the game that would take the greatest time and concentration. It’s nice to start with something conversational, a game that allows everyone to catch up on each other’s lives and gradually relax into the tournament. The competition will naturally heat up from here!GameNight3 GameNight4ABOVE + BELOW| the cutest set of Dominoes on sale for a STEAL + Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio

For game two we brought out the Dominoes and played a few quick rounds of Mexican Train. It was a great addition to the night as it requires just enough focus to be competitive (so you can engage in some playful trash talking), but not so much that you can’t also chat & sip (because girl talk really is the point of this whole thing, after all).
GameNight5 GameNight6ABOVE|  the festivities began with Ecco Domani’s light-bodied, fruity Pinot Grigio, and ended with their Merlot, whose raspberry and blackberry aromas paired perfectly with an easy dessert of strawberries and kitchen sink cookiesGameNight7 We finished off the night with cards ~ Crazy Eights ~ a fun, fast-paced game that’s easy to play several rounds of. This was a perfect chance for those players that were lagging behind in points to even the playing field and an exciting closer to the evening.GameNight8WEARING, FROM LEFT|  Tularosa lace dress, Iris and Ink striped maxi, J.O.A. Crochet dress
GameNight9 PHOTOS| by Vanessa Rogers  

  • Lauren Lyons

    Well… who won??? Cute post.

  • T.

    That looks great!

  • Verbalgoldblog

    Love the way you perfectly captured the night through tons of artsy photos. Looks like it was a fun night!

  • Love the deep rich colours in these photos!

  • Angui

    Who actually believes you actually played games? Who actually believes you had such a night? And why are you so orange, dear?

  • Who has won ? Of course, you won the style award as usual. You are simply the best !

  • Valerie

    This shoot is so beautiful. I should do something like this.

  • kag

    The pictures are stunning. However, why not try some modern board games next time? “Ticket to Ride”, “Love Letter”, “Splendor” or “7 wonders” are great and don’t take much time to learn.

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