A Prismatic Perspective

10th November, 2015

Winter is looming, meaning snowbirds (like me!) are starting to head south for the season. Turns out, heavy layering is much more fun when you’re doing it a la tropicale  – piling on colors and prints rather than cashmere and furs. To celebrate Chanel’s kaleidoscopic resort collection (and their eyewear e-commerce launch!), we teamed up with artist and all around mystic princess Juliane Rossi to take an exuberantly psychedelic look at the season ahead.

Even if you can’t escape to warmer climes as cold, dark days approach, try not to forget the power a sequin scarf, chromatic brooch, technicolor coat or simply a kooky set of sunnies can command toward brightening up your outlook on life. Never fear being the lone tulip peaking its pretty pink head up and out of the snow.JuRossi2

  • wow these colors<3

    Shall We Sasa

  • Slay girl. Slay!

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  • giselle de jesus

    wuaooo nice photos!!!

  • Hi Kelly! I just wanted to say that in this sea of websites, you’ve really stood out with a clear focus in your voice and vision. As a Creative Director who’s accomplished so much, you must have valuable advice for budding image-makers/stylists on what drives you and on having goals.

    Were you always so certain when you began creating fashion stories? Did starting a styling agency on a public domain also arise from the need to be recognised and accepted by other people? If everything is a business now, what do you think is the best platform for growing stylists for creating personal work while not having to be a commercial sell-out?

    I’m really just trying to get some insight into how you, as somebody who’s always inspired me, work. Anyway, thanks for your time x

  • anna kate

    you look so fashion!

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    Its art! very nice photos! Xx

  • Jay

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