10 Holiday Entertaining Tips

2nd November, 2015

The holidays have arrived, and they make for the best excuse to invite all your friends over for cozy dinner parties. There are few things we love more than entertaining at home, so we’ve teamed up with our friends and collaborators at Ecco Domani to share our 10 favorite holiday hosting tips. Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy!

TO KICK THINGS OFF: 10HolidayTips21. Always have cheese, nuts, fruit and wine ready for your guests to nibble on as they arrive. Never rush right into the meal; rather, allow your guests time to settle in and the evening to unfold slowly.10HolidayTips3WHEN IT COMES TO DECOR:
10HolidayTips42. We love using African mud cloths as table runners (a tip we picked up from Turf!). They feel relaxed but still super special ~ plus they conceal stains exceptionally well.10HolidayTips53. Instead of one big centerpiece flower arrangement (which inevitably blocks conversation and views), use recycled bottles to create lots of smaller arrangements, to scatter across the table. When your guests begin to leave, invite them to take their favorite bouquet home as a gift.10HolidayTips64. Use a paint pen to write your guests’ names on miniature pumpkins, in lieu of place cards. Let them take these home too! (If you’re applying this tip to a Christmas dinner, consider using small white gourds and a red Sharpie.)10HolidayTips710HolidayTips8 5. Cut the top off a larger pumpkin and hollow it out to create a natural ice bucket. Be sure to save the seeds for dinner…
6. …so you can toast and sprinkle them atop a spinach salad!

FOR THE MAIN COURSE:10HolidayTips107. Make things easy on yourself and buy a pre-made rotisserie chicken. It will deliver all the nostalgia of holidays of yore, without any of the turkey-brining hassle. (Just don’t ever  skip the mashed potatoes! Those are mandatory as far as we’re concerned.)10HolidayTips118. Keep the side dishes similarly breezy by buying fresh veggies at the farmer’s market. Stick to simple recipes, so their natural flavors are able to shine.10HolidayTips129. Buy the pie from your local bakery! (Professional chefs do it better, and it’s always a delight to indulge in their talents.)10HolidayTips1310. Most important of all, enjoy the process and the immense gift that is this time of year. To be able to welcome loved ones into your home, to share great wine and food and build memories together ~ what could be better?!

PHOTOS| by Sophie Epton  LOCATION + DECOR| Loot Vintage Rentals  FOOD| by Ashley Brandon Framel

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