Modernity, For Eternity

1st October, 2015

It has been more than 42 years since Elsa Peretti launched her first collection for Tiffany & Co., and it is incredible that, in a fashion landscape whose winds change daily, her designs for the house remain as timeless, iconic, and current as ever.

The longevity of her work is a testament to how visionary Peretti is as a designer.

She began in the era of Halston and Studio54, when life was fast, bodies were lean, and the design world was ready for rigorous reinvention. Architecture was being streamlined by the likes of Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright, and that passion for purity is reflected in her work from that era onward. With Peretti, every idea is reduced to its absolute essential. There is no excess, only thoughtful, exacting precision. History forgets the frivolous, but intelligent design permeates eternity.

  • THE BONE CUFF (shown in large at left) is a wonderful example of Peretti’s democratic approach to design, a dedication she says she learned from Halston: “When I started doing jewels that I thought were great but too expensive, he said, ‘Make small, medium and large.’ It may sound simple, but it was very useful, and I have never forgotten it.”


    ABOVE| Monique Lhuillier blazer; Elsa Peretti Diamonds By The Yard gold rings and rose gold rings


    LEFT| Elizabeth & James dress; Elsa Peretti Bone Cuff


    OUR MUSE IN THESE IMAGES is Lily Kwong, a personal friend and true renaissance woman who epitomizes Elsa Peretti‘s ultra-modern, forever-current work. Perreti’s fine jewelry designs are nothing if not organic, and so find their perfect personification on Lily, whose career has found equal footing in both fashion and landscaping. She began as a model and ran her cousin Joseph Altuzarra’s design studio for years, before returning to school at Columbia University for a degree in urban planning that led her into the role of Project Director for the landscape architecture of Miami’s LVMH Design District. She’s one of the most genuinely curious, open-minded humans I’ve ever met, propelled by simple, honest motives and exploding with positive vibrations. Like the designer whose work she wears in these images, Lily Kwong is as straightforward and sincere as she is supernaturally special.


    TUNE IN AGAIN NEXT WEEK to check out supermodel Joan Smalls in Part II of this special editorial series!

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