Donna, Duality, and Andreea

15th October, 2015

In August, we took you behind the scenes on the making of Donna Karan’s Cashmere Mist campaign, during which we got to cozy up to Peter Lindbergh and glean a little life advice (and a few photography secrets!) from the master himself.

How could we possibly follow that up if not with an intimate tête-à-tête with Andreea Diaconu, Donna and Peter’s muse of the moment, whose ads for Liquid Cashmere Black & White were just released?!
Duality2Fresh additions to a fragrance collection that began with Cashmere Mist, each of these two new scents speaks to a unique desire, a duality. Like yin and yang, light and dark, they celebrate the competing yet harmonious truths within our universal natures. Where White is opening and uplifting, Black is sultry and seductive. Where Black is a sunset, pulsing with intrigue and sensual possibility, White is a sunrise, brimming with renewal and shimmering promise. Where Black is an intoxicating medley of Black Cherry, rich Patchouli, Jasmine, and smooth Praline, White is an airy mingling of sparkling Bergamot, sensual Osmanthus, creamy Vanilla Bean and musk.

Duality is a cornerstone of Donna Karan’s work. I love the way her clothes have always been as cozy as they are sexy ~ she knows well how to ride both lines ~ and these two scents are the aromatic embodiment of that versatility. As the designer herself describes it, “Sometimes it’s about owning the moment and dressing for seduction. Feeling alluring, sensual, a bit mysterious. Other times you want to feel open and empowered. A fresh new start. I’m as comfortable in a black cashmere tailored suit and high heels as I am a white cashmere dress and bare sandals.”  The scents are one woman, fully embracing the power of her own complexity.

Supermodel Andreea Diaconu intrinsically exudes this ideology. She’s as easily seen trotting around the world, being outrageously good-looking for fashion’s greatest visionaries as she is surfing or strumming a guitar at home, surrounded by close friends. We sat down with the rising star to talk everything from her unexpected introduction to the industry to her favorite New York City hangouts…
Duality3Kelly: I wanted to start by asking you how you got into the business; I heard you were discovered at 13 years old. I would love to hear that story.

Andreea: I wanted to go to this Karate camp over the summer and it was 50 Euros and I couldn’t afford that so I asked this scout who kept coming to my school and would always hang out in the area that I was in, ‘Hey if you give me 50 Euros, I’ll come to your agency and see what we can do.’ So I got my 50 Euros, went to Karate camp, and here I am!

And where were you when this happened?

I was in Bucharest.

Are the girls there all gorgeous? There are just scouts everywhere?!

I guess so! (laughing)

You’ve been massively successful in modeling and you’re everywhere, which is so awesome! Have you worked with Peter Lindbergh before?

I have! I’ve worked with him a bunch of times and I’m so grateful he continues to work with me.

What is it like to shoot with Peter?

He’s so easygoing it’s ridiculous. It’s like, really,  you’re Peter Lindbergh and you’re just chilling out?! Taking photos?!

I think that comes through in the photos he takes though. There’s a calmness.

Yeah he is so relaxed. He is such a beautiful, calm person inside and out. And he’s funny! He’s quick! He has a whit to him, his own particular whit. He’s really great.

I like that! I think calm is definitely part of the Donna Karan ethos as well. She’s very much about being Zen and in the moment. What has it been like working with her?

The first time I met Donna Karan, I was in awe of her. She has this beautiful aura that surrounds her. Everyone that works with her is happy because she is a beautiful person inside and out. Her energy is contagious. I think that is really inspiring.

How would you describe the Donna Karan woman?

The Donna Karan woman is definitely independent, strong, comfortable in her own skin. She is willing to help others and be creative and collaborative with those around her. She’s a strong, beautiful woman that’s open to everything.

And Donna Karan is all about New York. What does living in New York mean to you?

I love New York, it’s an amazing city to live in. I couldn’t see myself living anywhere else at the moment. New York has the perfect balance of productivity and zen. The social scene feels natural. You step outside and are surrounded by your friends. Everything feels so close here. Friendships are really important to me and make New York even better.

What are your favorite places in New York?

The city has so much to offer. I like going to my friend’s rooftop in Brooklyn to paint. I love the beaches in the Rockaways. I live in Soho; Jack’s Wife Freda is one of my favorite places. I spend a lot of time in the Lower East Side too. I love Dudleys and Dimes. Sometimes I will go to the skate park under the bridge in Chinatown to watch people skate.

I love that park too! I love how the skater kids look so tough, but they move as gracefully as ballerinas. To me, that’s the duality of New York City in a nutshell ~ which goes back to the concept of Black & White that we’re shooting today.

Life isn’t just black or white. Both are really strong and complement one another. I love black and white photos. I think they have such a great, sentimental feeling. In terms of fashion, black and white each evoke a different look. One doesn’t exist without the other.

On the topic of fragrances, do you have any strong scent memories?

My grandfather always smelled like a Christmas tree. He was an arborist so he took care of Christmas trees and he made syrup from the sap. It’s a smell that I will always connect to him that makes me think of my family.

I know it’s so hard to make plans and goals and dreams in a life like this, but do you have any specific hopes or trajectories in mind?

I want to travel to Central America. And I want to get my diving license. I want to be a better surfer! I want to learn how to play guitar. I want to learn German. And I really wanted to go to school so I’ve been sneaking into a lot of classes lately. I want to keep sneaking into classes!

Life is long. You’ll have a lot of adventures in it, I promise.
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