Triumphantly Free

14th September, 2015

I think women’s bodies are the loveliest things in the world, and am endlessly inspired by their curves and angles. Triumph, a European lingerie maker founded in 1886, feels the same way I do. They’ve been hand crafting female confidence for nearly 130 years, creating the kinds of bras, bottoms and bodysuits that allow me to really feel free — to be triumphantly me.

I’ve worked in fashion for over a decade, seen thousands of trends come and go, and ultimately learned that we are all our most beautiful, comfortable, and confident when we are our most natural selves. As a professional stylist, I’m also pretty obsessive about lingerie. I look for classic, hand tailored pieces that offer serious support and disappear when I need them to — but are still pretty enough to show off when the outfit or mood demands it. I’m consistently drawn to underpinnings made of elasticized lace — I love the femininity of the fabric and the way it holds a woman’s bust up, while still maintaining a natural shape and movement. I don’t want a bra that turns me into a fembot.

That’s what initially led me to discover and fall in love with Triumph’s Amourette range, an iconic collection of lacy lingerie that celebrates a duo of milestones this year: both the 60th anniversary of its first ad campaign (a collaboration with Maggy Rouff Paris, one of the great fashion houses of the 1950s) and the 25th anniversary of the first full lace Amourette 300 bra (a victory of technology + tailoring).

Inspired to commemorate both these birthdays, I invited Jamie Beck and Porsche Cooper into the studio with me, to explore what confidence, empowerment, and Amourette mean to women today. The three of us have collaborated on countless shoots together, learning so much about femininity and ourselves along the way. We recognize that we are part of a universal sisterhood, and feel it is our duty as image makers to exalt and inspire other women. We know that well-tailored, great-fitting lingerie can help foster self-assurance — and that possessing innate and honest confidence makes a woman triumphant.

In a market catering explicitly to women’s needs, we look for and aim to create messages of feminine empowerment, made by women and for women. We know how important they are. In researching another recent story, Rediscovering The Goddess,  I found study after study that consistently showed that the majority of women are dissatisfied with their bodies — in fact, dissatisfaction is so prevalent that in the U.S. being worried about your body is considered an intrinsic part of being female. That’s not a reality I want for my friends, or especially for their daughters. Things have got to change. We should be emboldened to love and honor ourselves, not to count all the things we wish we could rearrange.

Our collective insecurities run deep, but the harder the struggle the greater the triumph. This story stars four very beautiful, very different women — Dajana Antic, Isabelle Boemeke, Jourdan Jerome and Nneoma Anosike — who range from dark to fair-skinned, from voluptuous to lankily-limbed. Each of them is fascinating and unique, with her own lingerie needs. They are sensual, self-possessed and stylish; their light shines from within.

Confidence will forever be true beauty. It can’t be bought but it can be taught. Every woman is a goddess, a role model, a teacher and a queen. Celebrate your body for everything it does for you. Thank it every day, and pass the message on.

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