A New Look At LAGOS

22nd September, 2015

In one of my favorite stories we’ve ever done for this site, Scott Brasher and I went into the studio with Flaviana Matata for an intimate portrait sitting that celebrated the model’s dark, placid beauty in a range of softly textured separates and caviar-dotted LAGOS jewelry. It was a study of strong femininity, of wispy clothes and of classic bijoux.

It was also about looking at beauty (and a brand!) a little bit differently, an intention we consistently set for ourselves in all our creative endeavors. It’s easy in life, in style and in work to get comfortable doing things the same way you’ve always done ~ but where’s the fun in that?! Whether we are experimenting with new art formsglorifying the curves of the female body or examining shifts in cultural conventions, we know that every day is an opportunity to approach the world anew.

The greatest feedback that editorial received came from the LAGOS team themselves, who loved seeing their jewelry in a new light and invited us to reinterpret it again for Spring 2015. Their work is famous for its timelessness, and is thus a favorite among the preppier sets. I grew up seeing it worn by the fancier moms of my private school classmates, and so it always seemed to carry an aura of restrained good taste. But I’ve since discovered that there is so much more to these pieces than just that.
The edgy angles of their KSL collection (pictured at top) veer more rock n’ roll than ladies who lunch, and their Black Caviar pieces feel as appropriate paired with a strapless ballgown as they do with a sporty sleeveless sweater. Their Infinity collection recalls Zen Ensos and thus feels earthy and eternal; their Deco collection is arrestingly talismanic. The stacking rings reflect the way young women today collect and wear fine jewelry, offering endless opportunities for individual expression and reinterpretation.

Which brings us back around to what it’s really all about: challenging ourselves to take a second look at what we think we see, all throughout our lives. Never be afraid to rethink or restyle your clothes, your jewelry, your perspective or yourself. I promise that anytime you do, you’ll be delighted by what you discover.

  • I love that jewelry, the flow, the essence just perfect.

  • wow love every single look especially look 5<3

    Shall We Sasa

  • I like the slightly edgy pieces this time around! Looks like something I’d love to wear…and keep for years!

    I’ll admit, though – I’m obsessing more over the gorgeous eye makeup! Gotta start working on my daytime smokey eye skills again!

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