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15th September, 2015

A very personal tribute to the triumph of female beauty…

A few months ago I traveled to visit my man’s grandparents, who are in their late eighties. On the last night of our trip, they knocked our socks off by playing a little movie they’d made about their lives. Filmed exclusively on 8mm film, it was a heartbreakingly beautiful collection of family memories (and fashion history!) dating back to before their wedding and zooming through everything from ski trips to his mother’s prom night, covering over 60 years of memories along the way. I was bawling my eyes out by the end of it.

As soon as we got back home, I sought out an old Super 8 camera of my own (made in 1967), and started stocking up on film for it via eBay (nobody even makes it anymore, so it costs a fortune and is tough to find). I was so inspired by the intimacy of the medium, inspired to continue filming our own histories in the making, and inspired to push the creative limits of how we do so.

Although we ended up using this nearly-50-year-old camera to film much of our summer adventures (which you’ve possibly already seen HERE), the first piece I actually ever shot with it was this little behind-the-scenes short from our Triumph editorial. I can’t even tell you how worried I was that something would go wrong, that the film wouldn’t develop correctly, that the lab might screw up the footage or that the mailman might misplace it! Every inch of the film reel was (and is) so precious so me!

Obviously I hold this component especially dear, but truthfully every inch of our Amourette anniversary ode was a dream come true (especially since I’d long ago fallen in love with their stuff). We had a kick-ass crew of all-female contributors pulling together to make the story happen, and everyone involved made the process feel like a party.

  • Oh Kelly, I loved that movies. Sexy, womanly and passionate. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that I want a Super 8 camera too now.

  • Stopped by for a little inspiration. You never cease to disappoint.

  • Johnny Leaver

    Why does ‘Black and White” make everything so glamour and sexy? I am baffled! That is a beautiful video, and I loved every second of it. Great share!

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