A Tropical Rhapsody

8th July, 2015

Few things tickle me as well as travel, dancing, and a truly great dress. Of course, my happiest memories are made up of all three.

I remember dancing through the riads of Marrakech in pink minidresses, dancing across the cobblestones of Paris in liquid jersey gowns, dancing on the Miami sand in blue silks that mimicked crashing waves. Three fleeting moments, three rented dresses, three lasting memories.

Few of the dresses I remember most fondly still hang in my closet; like the adventure, like the dance, their moment has passed. For years I’ve used Rent the Runway as my secret resource for special occasion and travel outfits, because ~ while I stick to a simple, practical uniform for everyday life ~ I love having a new dress for every festive affair. A great dress makes me dream, feeds my soul, compels me to dance! 

At the same time, I’ve long been disenchanted by fast fashion and its destructive impact on human life and the planet. I believe in supporting great designers’ vision and hard work, in maintaining room in our modern world for that level of quality and integrity. I want to have my cake and be a responsible world citizen too.

Why buy a new car when you can Uber? Why purchase a DVD when you can stream? Why invest in a dress you’ll only wear once? I’m grateful for new systems that allow us to live beautifully and  responsibly. So much travel has made it clear to me that our culture’s appetite for consumption is unsustainable, but how do we make better decisions in a system based on excess? To me, sharing just makes sense.

If every day calls for another destination, another dance, another dress, why not rent it, wear it (Instagram it!), then pass it on?! Every trip, every party is a scene in the theater of life, and half the fun lies in costuming oneself accordingly. Dress for the adventure you dream of having! Wear white linens in the Caribbean, silk chiffon in the city and cotton voile in the south. To me, a tropical retreat is an outfit challenge ~ and the farther-flung the destination, the more fantastical the fashion fun. Go after great fashion moments with gusto, but remember that a wonderful life is made of collected moments, not accumulated possessions. The only things worth holding onto forever are beautiful memories made with people we love.

I’ve been asked by Rent the Runway to be the first creator to collaborate on their new Artist in Residence program, and this inaugural shoot was inspired by that ethos, and by the creative, daring, open-minded and immensely colorful women in my life: my glowing goddesses, my bohemian queens. Together we have traveled the world in matching outfits; we’ve danced in meadows, ballrooms and beaches. We’ve woven a hundred flower crowns and celebrated each other’s successes, marriages, birthdays and Thursdays. The amazing women in my life are my favorite dance partners, my best travel buddies, my style icons and my forever muses.

  • CLICK HERE to watch the serious dance party that went down behind the scenes on this shoot. May it inspire you too to get dressed up and bust a move!


    Stay tuned throughout the month of July for my continued contributions to Rent the Runway’s Artist In Residence program.

  • Kuo

    even though i’m a person who attaches a lot (and i mean A LOT) of sentimental value to inanimate objects, i really agree with what you have to say. in our social media heavy society, it makes so much sense to experience and share. and these outfits (and the photos on the whole) are gorgeous. they’re made up of so many beautiful details and rich colors

    btw, kind of unrelated, but this post reminded me of a song called “the second law: unsustainable” by muse.


  • The dresses are stunning!

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  • Stunning! I agree with your attitude towards fast-fashion, style used to be an art form and I believe in maintaining that mindset. Xx


  • I wholeheartedly agree with the idea of sustainable fashion, of sharing, of more thought being put towards how one spends their money. I’ll confess, I’m still torn on the idea of Rent the Runway. On the one hand, I think it’s a fantastic idea to be able to rent a garment for a one-time event (especially given how expensive the full prices are). But on the flipside, it also seems a bit wasteful to spend $100 on a dress you can’t keep and will only wear once. (Then again, I also realize that I come from the very poor side of things where I’d have to save up for a couple months to be able to afford a $100 dress to own, much less to rent.)

    Lovely photoshoot though! I swear, I can’t look at any of your posts without being seized with wanderlust! 🙂

    ~ Briana

  • Gorgeous shoot. Love all the dresses in this feature.

  • Joseph Anderson

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  • Congratulations on the new opportunity with Rent the Runway! I’ve been a huge fan of this company for years, and an even bigger fan of keeping a clean closet (and a bigger bank account)!

    Can’t wait to see what amazing things you do over there!

  • these are all stunning!

  • Danielle

    Congratulations on the Rent the Runway project!


  • Denise Haber

    I love the color combination of this apartment. It is so chic and yet, has an almost punk rock kind of mixture to it. And the best part of it all is that one onbre wall.

  • Michelle K. Lee
  • ccjourn

    I just came back from a carribean cruise and i love that spirit !

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