A Sweet Escape

23rd July, 2015

For my second contribution to Rent the Runway’s Artist in Residence series, I was inspired by a magical night I experienced earlier this summer, when we attended a fancy fashion party on the sweeping deck of a great old hotel in Montauk. It was one of the good ones ~ favorite friends, gorgeous clothes, and music you couldn’t stop dancing to. I laughed and twirled till the bottom of my dress was trashed, then still I danced some more.

Just beyond the heartbeat of the festivities, I was barely able to make out the sound of crashing waves ~ and as the evening wore on, I could increasingly feel the pull of the ocean drawing me away from the crowd.

The night sky was drizzling softly as I slipped out the back gate and onto a long, steep wooden staircase, stretching 30 meters toward the mouth of the sea. I scampered down it to the sand, and immediately felt the fervor of the party above wash off of me completely. Total inner stillness.

It was midnight, and I could finally see that the vastness of the sky was spotted with trillions of stars. Barefoot, I walked all the way into the hem of the waves. I let them lick my feet, sifting sand through my lacy skirt. It’s absolutely magnificent to stand alone on an empty beach, bathed in moonlight. I breathed deeper than I remember ever having done, before or since that night. I understood that the waves were pouring violent, tremendous love onto the earth ~ shaping it, saving it. I smiled from my forehead to my toes. That moment, there on the beach, falling once again in love with the ocean ~ that was the best party of summer.

Crafting this shoot, I imagined a girl a bit like me that night. She’s traveled to the seaside for a fantastic party, bringing a trunkload of festive dresses. But as the soirée wanes, she feels herself lured away from the scene. She gets into her car and she drives a far as she can. When she can drive no farther, she runs. She runs all the way to the sea, and for the rest of her life she is free.SweetEscape2

  • http://xoxobella.com Bella Bucchiotti

    Beautiful photos! Magical!

  • http://theladynerd.com Briana

    I really do love how your write your posts. There’s such a vivid imagery, like us as readers are being swept along on your adventures.

    ~ Briana

  • Radi

    This is AMAZING! With your words you transformed me to a place of serenity, with me and the sound of the waves. I’m in love with the dresses, truly breathtaking and so inspiring.

  • Danielle

    Love the dresses and the photos! Enjoy the weekend!


  • Chrissy Gaston

    Shades of the gowns and their designs are so pretty. I’m thinking to gift one to my friend on her birthday. She’d definitely be very happy!

  • http://perkadesign.com/ Roza

    Amazing, so beautiful photos and dresses 🙂


  • http://www.inter-grosshandel.com/ Teraziki

    Very beautiful photos and dresses. You can see the professionalism in there.


  • Elizabeth Keene

    Magical shoot! Love the scenario and all the outfits!

    Xo – Elizabeth


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