A Walk On The Beach

25th June, 2015

Work has been keeping us down in Miami for much of the past six months, and I’ve been loving every minute of it. I’ve come to really adore the city and its energy, and I am always happiest when I am near the sea, with salty hair and a bit of a tan. I love early morning walks in the sand and dipping into the ocean just before bed, so I can feel the waves washing over my subconscious dream life at night.

Of course, the best benefit of living near the beach is watching the last evening light expand over the horizon and concede its stage to a squadron of stars. Every seaside sunset I see reminds me of our trip to Rio, when I was moved to tears witnessing an entire city explode into applause over the daily miracle of nature. What a wonderful lesson in perspective that was. I’ve never been more awed by the importance of upgrading the everyday, by the powerful magic that exists in life’s smallest moments.

On our latest trip to Miami Beach, Erin was able to join for the first time. She’d just returned from her adventure in Italy, so we celebrated the reunion with an evening picnic on the beach and a bottle of Italian Ecco Domani Pinot Grigio. Some of our loveliest reminiscences have been shared over Ecco Domani wines ~ from brunching in ballgowns to movie nights in Amagansett ~ and it was wonderful to add this new shoreline I’ve begun to think of as home to that collection of memories. Life’s a beach when you share it with the ones you love!
BeachPicnic2 BeachPicnic3ABOVE| Kelly wears a Tibi maxi dress and Echo scarf // Erin wears a Theia maxi dressBeachPicnic4 BeachPicnic5a BeachPicnic6 BeachPicnic7GET CLICKY| We have enjoyed so many happy moments with Ecco Domani wines over the years: from lunches in the Hamptons to backyard movie nightsNYC staycations and brunches in ballgowns!

PHOTOGRAPHY| by Scott Brasher

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