Somewhere Out There: Part I

28th May, 2015

From the frenetic Las Vegas airport, choking in unnatural noise and neon slot machines, we drove to a private hangar and naively boarded a shiny red prop plane, which from the inside felt to be about the size of a lipstick tube. It was a windy day for small planes, and the Nevada air violently pummeled us through the clouds toward Utah like a raft on the rapids. We clutched our seats in white-knuckle fear, we chanted mantras of calm in our heads. We each prayed we wouldn’t be the first to have to use our air sick bags ~ and by some miracle, none of us did. We made it safely to Amangiri.
OutThere2bAT TOP + BELOW| Kelly wears Janessa Leone hat, Carrera Champion sunglasses, Diesel jacket, Line tank, vintage belt, Citizens of Humanity pants and Isabel Marant moccasinsOutThere4We had traveled out there to answer the call to adventure. We were a ragtag group of 10 writers and adventurers, invited West by Carrera, an iconic and newly resurgent eyewear brand that made its name through sporting collaborations with Porsche and Boeing throughout the 70s and 80s, and by famously adorning the face of Robert Redford in the 1969 film, Downhill Racer. Theirs is a brand whose entire DNA was written in speed and daring, so we knew this wouldn’t be an ordinary excursion.
OutThere3ABOVE LEFT| Carrera sunnies with interchangeable frame colors  ABOVE RIGHT| the iconic Carrera ChampionsOutThere5When was the last time you did something for the first time? Once we’d recovered from the terror of that initial flight (food, wine and a good night’s sleep will fix just about anything), we reconvened for a chopper ride through the canyons. It was my first time riding in a helicopter and so I was cautious (especially after experiencing the day before’s Red Devil ride); now it’s the only way I’d ever like to travel. What a thrill!
OutThere6OutThere7bOur aircraft cut smoothly through the sky like a happy bumblebee, careening carefreely over Antelope Canyon, occasionally swooping down to examine the prehistoric sides of a jutting rock face, or the calm blue waters of Lake Powell. OutThere8Slowly, and then a little too quickly, we began to approach a particularly massive plateau. I thought for a moment that we might actually hit it, but at the last possible second our pilot pulled the craft steeply up towards the sky ~ and suddenly we had landed at the top of Tower Butte.
OutThere9 OutThere10ABOVE| Polaroid image of Tower Butte (in the top right of frame), seen from the sky, still a ways away  BELOW| fearlessly sitting at the edge of its 5,000 foot elevation, admiring the vast nothingness in every direction (outfit details HERE)OutThere11 OutThere12The view from the top of Tower Butte is absolutely staggering. Sitting at 5,000 feet with nothing but endless rock formations ~ many hundreds of millions of years old ~ laid out around us, we were smacked by the smallness of Self and the great vastness of the Universe. Nature is the most amazing mystery to me.
OutThere13OutThere14OutThere15CLICK HERE| to watch our video diary of this adventure!OutThere16bFor dinner that evening we drove to Saddle Landing, a place whose pale, sloping contours appear like lumps of clay, softly fallen off the potter’s wheel. The chefs of Amangiri had set up for us a picnic of epic proportions, building huge fires over which to steam sticky rice and cook Burmese curries. Our merry group of fellow daredevils ~ friendships now forevermore forged by near-death and the shared ecstasy of adventure ~ ate ravenously, pontificated existentially, laughed freely, and finally dissolved into a raucous dance party around a cluster of bonfires as a trillion stars zealously lit up the night sky. There is no greater high than feeling truly alive.
OutThere17ABOVE| Kelly wears Carrera Champions, Proenza Schouler tee, Balmain pants, Gucci backpack and Tomas Maier shoes // Zach wears vintage squash blossom necklace, Club Monaco shirt, YSL denim blazer, Comme des Garcons pants and Feit shoes
OutThere18OutThere19bALL PHOTOS| by Kelly + Zach

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