#OutThere: A Video Diary

27th May, 2015

OSTRANENIE is a Russian noun that means: to encourage people to see everyday objects as if they were strange, wild or unfamiliar; to make the known unknown, and therefore to understand it in a different or more profound manner.

Sometimes the greatest discoveries are right in our own backyard.

TWO YEARS AGO, we road tripped from Los Angeles to Austin, crossing the great American West (where we grew up) and stopping to visit the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley (which we’d never seen before) on our way. I love nothing more than to explore the far reaches of the world ~ from Paris and Venice to Marrakech and Vietnam ~ but on that trip, I was happily reenchanted by the beauty of my own home country.

I tried to imagine the way early settlers must have felt, how overwhelming and challenging the landscape must have seemed. We think of this as a new country, but really it is quite old, and there is much to learn from it. Its prehistoric panoramas might well be the greatest sculptures the world has ever seen.

I loved that adventure, and so my curiosity was piqued when this spring we once again were lured Out West ~ and this time the stakes had been raised. The call was closer to a dare than an invitation: Carrera eyewear was launching their new #OutThere campaign, and suggested to a group of writers and travel junkies (ourselves included) that they get out of their own comfort zones in celebration. Safety was not guaranteed.

The proposed itinerary was quite literally high-flying. We’d jet around in big planes and small, we’d chopper through epic canyons, hike to ancient desert caves and speedboat across million year old lakes. Then at night we’d rest our heads HERE. Well, don’t threaten us  with a good time.

Through Carrera lenses, we were given the gift of being able to see this country from a whole new perspective, to have some unabashed fun and to learn more about the far reaches of our own limits in the process. The journey without is always the journey within. But don’t listen to me, just watch our video diary!  It’s a helluva trip.

SHOUTOUT TO OUR TRAVEL BUDDIES! (pictured at top, from left to right) Nausheen Shah, Dapper Lou, Hannah Bronfman, Mara Balagtas, Kelly Framel, Zachary LyndAlessandra Codinha, Brendan FallisScott Christian and David Annand. You all made for a seriously kick ass travel crew.

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  • Seeing this is making me miss living in Arizona a TON right now! Totally missing desert living! I can’t remember the last time I swam in a pool at night – it was one of my favorite things to do as a kid!

    If you haven’t been yet, I highly recommend South Dakota. It’s a beautiful state that looks totally different from east to west!

  • Super adventurous trip and what a cool video! Have to visit WILD WILD WEST one day!;-)

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  • ann

    You are such an inspiration! I’m a girl from Russia and i would love to see everyone in my blog http://www.ivoryinspo.com

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