And God Created Liza

8th April, 2015

“The most beautiful day of my life? It was a night.” ~ Brigitte Bardot

In the summer of 1959, Brigitte Bardot donned a pink gingham dress to wed actor Jacques Charrier in Saint Tropez. Over time, girlish checkered prints (along with pretty polka dots and sweet straw hats) became as synonymous with her image as states of undress ~ and the interplay between the two (purity and provocation) would come to define her forever.

The dichotomy between Bardot’s sex kitten status combined with her penchant for picnic dresses was a conundrum that designers like Diane von Furstenberg, Altuzarra, Karen Walker and Dolce + Gabbana wrestled with on their Spring 2015 runways. Their collections celebrated the lighthearted joie de vivre of a summer beach holiday, tempered with an ill-fated, sometimes sinister beauty. There is no light without darkness.

Being an internationally-adored glamazon isn’t always as carefree as it appears to be, and we know that Bardot struggled with depression, that she quickly grew weary of sacrificing her youth and beauty to men. The silver screen casts a long, ugly shadow, but happily she chose never to be too trapped by her own fame to rewrite her script when it ceased to suit her. Unlike Marilyn Monroe, she wasn’t a victim.

Snuggled up in a suite at The William Hotel in NYC, we explored her story: what it’s like to play at love on screen, while abandoned by one’s own lover in life; to be adored by the world but return at night to an empty room. We looked at the light and dark sides of life as a Hollywood icon: the sweet exterior image, the pinup appeal, the inner fragility and the fierce, lioness urges. And we had fun with the ways in which this Spring’s fashions are brilliantly designed with a woman’s curves in mind. It’s about time.

Like Bardot herself, our star is no wallflower but instead a woman fully in possession of her destiny. Liza Voloshin represents the perfect storm of possibilities: by day she’s a successful professional, in charge of global business development for Alice + Olivia, by night she can usually be found drawing naughty poems into her sketchbook, serenely serving as de-facto den mother of Chez Conversations (a female art collective that also includes Margot, one of our previously featured muses). Her career, her lifestyle, and her outlets for artistic expression are gloriously self-defined, and so she proves that women today can truly inhabit the entire sphere of potentialities.

We can be hard and soft, commanding and vulnerable; we can hold our own in a man’s world and still live fully feminine, goddess existences. No longer must we choose between the lady and the tramp; both concepts are increasingly obsolete, and to Bardot ~ the first woman to ever publicly embrace her sexuality on an international scale ~ a debt of credit is undoubtedly due for that fact. In the 1956 film that launched her career, And God Created Woman, Bardot’s character made no effort to restrain her natural sensuality, disregarding societal restraints and flippantly ignoring the opinions of others. Here, the luminescent Liza Voloshin follows in her footsteps: pert, petulant, powerful, poetic. The difference is that this time around, it’s entirely on her own terms.

  • This post and the inspiration and the pics are all great… but your writing!!! I’ve been following your blog for years now.. but lately your writing has begun to take some poetic quality that sends people into rapture!! at least it did that to me!! you have a gift with words..please consider writing a book of some sort… i would especially love to see you try something new.. removed from the familiar subjects of fashion and style, that you already do so well.. it would interest me very much to see you try throw light into areas in yourself, yet unexplored.. you remain an inspiration ..thank you!!

    • Daisy

      Completely agree with Arathi about your writing lately! Kudos!

  • Alex

    Beautiful story and gorgeous girl! <3

  • Michelle K. Lee
  • Love love this, and she has real curves! I agree with the others about your writing. I admit, that even though I’m a blogger, I don’t, or can’t always finish other blogger’s writing. It can be really bad, and I’ve read too many good books to accept it. Inspiring you are.


  • Idn Joyment

    Great photographing and editing skill
    I should try black and white

  • The photo collage is absolutely stunning. All dresses are so sexy and comfortable that you want to go to the nearest store and buy a similar one. Thanks for sharing. Great post!

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