Splendid Simplicity

17th March, 2015

We were back down in Miami this past weekend (once again camped out at Casa Claridge, our favorite little guesthouse by the sea). Spending as much of this winter there as we can, I’ve become a lot better at traveling light and thus skipping the hassle of checked baggage.

‘Less is more’ is my ethos in all things these days anyway. I’m at a point in life where I know myself, my body, and my style; it’s amazing how much easier that awareness makes everything. I’ve got it down to a science: collared shirts, harem pants, simple jersey dresses, straight-brimmed hats, and either t-strap sandals or a two-strap heel.

There is seriously something so chic, so splendidly simple about a shoe that ribbons once across the toe, once at the ankle, and that’s it. That’s my jam. No other frills, just lots of elegant leg lengthening. Casadei made my favorite version of this silhouette this season; the sheer panels feel enough like an update to justify adding another pair to my collection, without getting too fussy for everyday wear. Paired with a simple wrap dress and straw topper, and you’ve got my textbook definition of the perfect warm weather uniform.

  • Janessa Leone hat

    Janessa Leone hat

  • DVF dress

    DVF dress

  • Casadei shoes

    Casadei shoes

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