A Rose, Newly Blossomed

3rd March, 2015

I spend most of my days on the sets of fashion shoots, producing work for clients, for collaborators, or for this site. Nearly every day I’m tasked with manifesting a new dream, and it all adds up to an incredibly interesting, challenging, and fulfilling existence ~ one I could never possibly pull off all by myself.

My life is rich because of the intensely rewarding partnerships I’ve forged with myriads of like-minded people, but especially: the one I have with my man, who keeps me happy, with my sister, who keeps me sane, and with my best friend and creative collaborator, who keeps me inspired. I’m so fortunate that most of my days are spent with at least two (if not all!) of them. I’ve got it pretty good.

Ever since said little sister started working with me two years ago, Jamie and I have dreamed about shooting her. As her business mentors and friends, we have experienced so much joy watching Erin grow up and blossom ~ not only as a result of our tutelage (though we love taking credit), but also as a victim of tragic loss, as a newbie denizen of New York City (the ultimate school of hard knocks), and as a woman experiencing her first taste of true independence. We have watched her go through so much and come out stronger, bolder and more beautiful. She’s evolved from duckling (albeit an adorable one) into proper swan. The time was right to celebrate that.

We decided to make an iconic portrait of this moment in her life, of having so recently stepped over the line into true personhood. We wanted to capture her innocent essence, the plushy froth of a rose newly blossomed. Equally, we wanted to celebrate her freshly-claimed maturity. And we wanted to celebrate the sisterhood that all three of us have come to share, a gift we each greet with gratitude and care.LifeOnSet2ABOVE| Erin handles the production for most of our shoots ~ from organizing the catering to coordinating the clothing loans and returns. For the first time, the tables turned and she got to be the star!  BELOW| Jamie and I think of her as both a pretty little rosebud and an elegant, all-American beauty, so it was quite fun to pull together a wardrobe that reflected those complimentary dichotomies.LifeOnSet3 LifeOnSet4 LifeOnSet5ABOVE| prepping the day before in a The Row blazer, Jeffrey Dodd shirt, Kaelen skirt and Balenciaga shoes  BELOW| the morning of our shoot, discussing the intricacies of jewelry selection with photographer & friend Jamie BeckLifeOnSet6 LifeOnSet7ABOVE + BELOW| growing up as the eldest sibling taught me the necessary skills to be a confident creative director (I assume you can probably read ‘bossy’ between the lines ~ I art-direct to the nth degree)LifeOnSet8ABOVE| JAMIE WEARS: Jill Stuart top, Carolina Herrera pants  KELLY WEARS: Lie Sang Bong top, OAK pants (still available in white and black leather), Club Monaco shoesLifeOnSet9ABOVE| no detail is left to chance  BELOW| we always say, ‘make it fun, make it matterLifeOnSet10 LifeOnSet11ABOVE| every girl deserves a princess moment, at least once in her life  BELOW| reviewing the final footage ~ coming soonLifeOnSet14We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes sneak peek! Tune in tomorrow to discover the results of all this collective dreaming ~ and as you bide your time till Mademoiselle Erin’s  grand debut, check out this sweet little video of our very special day on Elle.com.

PHOTOS| by Scott Brasher

  • Arline Jernigan

    so sweet!

  • Nico

    This post is glamour but also so cute!

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  • Love this behind the scenes sneak peek!


  • Fabulous. I want to make love to the use of type and hero!

  • Space grey. Leading the way mate.

  • Fantastic! What a gorgeous dress and beautiful lady!;-)

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  • That gown is amazing<3

    Shall We Sasa

  • SR

    Wonderful post. As a big sister I was very touched by this. The bubblegum pink gown is perfect; minimalist details make the pink so elegant. Also,: Jamie’s hair…so amazing. You all look beautiful.

  • circafashion

    Love the video. Gorgeous ladies. Kelly what are you wearing?? what are the shoes in first top pic?

  • such a sweet post (and sweet thing to do for your sis)! and I know that this was about Erin, but Kelly, you are breathtakingly beautiful with such amazing style! I LOVE these looks that you’re wearing!


  • I have said it time and time again, that I just love your words and language you use and I really love when you post a little more about yourself/be personal. Now you combine these too and I’m just thrilled!
    A great post about your sister. All the love shines through every word!


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