Remarkable Memories

25th March, 2015

I first got to know Monica Rich Kosann a little over two years ago, when her daughters Laura and Danielle (founders of The New Potato), invited me to spend a day at their mom’s Connecticut studio. I was immediately enamored not only with her jewelry designs, but also with her personal photographic work and extensive collection of fine art photography. I was texting Jamie furiously that day, sending pictures of Monica’s studio and home ~ repeatedly insisting, you have to meet this woman! You will LOVE her!

Little did I know then what an important part of each others’ lives we would all become. A couple weeks after that fateful meeting day, I hosted a dinner for Monica in New York, inviting a few of my chicest girlfriends to get to know her as well. One of them, Athena Calderone, posted a picture of the evening to her Instagram account, below which a user named @newzlynd left a comment to the effect of: “How funny that you know Kelly; we went to high school together!” The next day, I clicked to see who this mystery character from my past might be… and thus discovered the greatest love I’ve ever known.

Monica, always so generous, sent me one of her beautiful locket necklaces to thank me for that dinner party. It just so happened to arrive the same day I was at Ann Street Studio shooting her daughters for this special editorial. Zach stopped by the set after we had wrapped and were making edits; it was his first time on one of my shoots. We opened a bottle of champagne; I snipped off a precious little curl of his hair, tucked it into the locket, and have not taken it off my neck since.

I suspect mine is but one of a thousand stories of how Monica Rich Kosann jewelry has come to represent the most important moments in its wearers’ lives. That is what is so unique about her, as a woman and a brand. The anchor is always rooted in family, in collected moments, in cherished memories, and in stories so special they are passed down for generations. Her delicate pieces ~ be it a picture case, a locket necklace or a charm bracelet ~ have the unique ability to contain a lifetime of adventures.

When Monica asked Jamie and me to concept and shoot her Spring 2015 ad campaign, it was both an incredibly beautiful evolution of our increasingly deep relationship, and a great creative challenge. Intuitively, we knew that the photographs had to celebrate Monica’s commitment to storytelling and the unique way in which her pieces truly become one with the women who wear them. Dresses come and go, but fine jewelry stays with us through every age.

And so we thought a lot about the idea of heritage, and wanted to explore women in different eras of life, examining how the brand is intertwined in their personal journeys at different stages: the way a young woman finds sweet expression in Monica’s posey rings, while an older woman tells her history of travels, children’s births and wedding anniversaries through the melodies of a charm bracelet. We approached the pictures like family snapshots, shooting on an historic estate in Connecticut that imbued the images with a rich sense of place, an evocation of treasured memories.

Memories (truly wonderful memories!) are, after all, the gift that Monica Rich Kosann has continuously given me.

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