When Margot Met Coco

9th March, 2015

Margot (the artist formerly known as Caitlin Moe) is New York City’s most charming, stylish (and social) violinist. She plays all the best events and runs around the world as part of an art-making girl gang that includes her Hooked on Dolls bandmate / DJ Mia Moretti, poet Cleo Wade and pop star Katy Perry. In coordinated outfits and metallic crowns, these women are like a vaudeville troupe of feminine empowerment ~ a tantalizing tornado, an inspiration to encounter. To happen upon Margot and her posse around town is to experience a splash-attack of fairy dust, a flowery reminder that life is really all about making cool stuff with cool people, celebrating the ones you love, having a hell of a lot of fun and leaving the world more beautiful than you found it. We figure she’s the kind of dame that Coco Chanel would really dig.

Where are you from? I am a southern girl.

What brought you to New York? My southern ways.

How did you discover the violin and what was it about that instrument that drew you in? I picked it up when I was four and haven’t let it go since

How did you and Mia begin collaborating? Two young club kids. A love story.

Who are some of your major musical influences? Philip Glass and Marianne Faithfull

What is your song writing process like? Pen and paper

Career highlight (so far)? Playing the violin in the Guggenheim and singing in Francesco Clemente’s studio.
Today I woke up with the moon still out

My favorite daydream is a cat that stays a kitten forever

I am happiest when I’m making

My girlfriends are insane

When I get dressed in the morning I think where are Cleo’s yesterday’s clothes

These days, the thing I most often wear is my heart on my sleeve

My favorite place to shop is the farmer’s market in Tompkins Square Park

Romance is sometimes a hurricane

To survive as an artist, it’s crucial to be yourself

I never leave home without my violin

My top beauty essential is lavender oil

I’d love to have a chance to work with Sofia Coppola on a film score

The coolest place I’ve ever been is a Moroccan cliff top with my best friends

Right now, I’m obsessed with 60s rock and roll

Vintage is 90% of my wardrobe

Being a glamourai means, in the words of my best friend’s father “never apologize for being a bad motherfucker”

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