Bohemian Minimalism

19th March, 2015

Growing up, my style was forever evolving at a breakneck pace. I’d dye my hair nearly monthly (everything from blue to black to burgundy to platinum), and cut it constantly (I’ve had a mullet, a mohawk, I’ve shaved parts of it off and put in extensions). My wardrobe pendulum has swung from raver to punk to rock n’ roll to elegant lady (hitting every imaginable mood in between). During college, my father swore I was a completely different character every time I came home. Who could keep up?!

Eventually I realized that what all this meant is that I was born to be a stylist, and as I began to externalize those ideas onto models and use them in shoots, it allowed me the quietude to find my own true, personal voice. Now I’ve got the best of both worlds: I get to exercise those myriad concepts professionally, but have acquired an honest confidence and stillness of self that I never knew throughout those manic years of experimentation. That’s not to say I’d take them back for a second; in life, the journey is actually the destination. And I am still evolving (hello current blonde phase!); I will be till the day I die.

I can style a model, a room, or a shoot a million different ways; yet I’ve managed to settle upon two defining personal style touchpoints that feel authentically ‘me’: minimalism and a bit of bohemianism. Worn with a great hat, sandy toes and nothing but a bodysuit underneath, this breezy Maiyet dress sort of sums that up. BohemianMinimalism2
WEARING| Janessa Leone hat, Maiyet* dress and belt

*My love affair with Maiyet is long-standing and well-documented. Their work was the subject of ‘Beauty + Truth‘ (one of the most meaningful editorial stories we’ve ever run on this site) ~ and we recently revisited their magnificence down in Miami (where these photos were also shot) for ‘A Fluid Geometry‘.

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