V Is For Victory

18th February, 2015

For my 30th birthday, my dear friend Cleo Schroeder (mastermind behind Primary, online wonderland of all things simple and essential), gave me the loveliest diamond-studded ‘V’ ring, which I’ve not taken off since that day. Presenting it, she reminded me that V is for victory, and thus imbued the piece with such a sense of celebration for me: celebration of what she and I both have overcome, accomplished, and experienced over many years of friendship.

We’ve talked about this subject a lot on these pages, and never take for granted the unique way in which jewelry can contain so much memory and meaning. It is that quality ~ not the metals or stones ~ that make it truly precious. It means so much when someone we love gives us something so personal, lasting, valuable and meaningful, and it can mean just as much (or more!) when we are able to buy it for ourselves.

It’s for that purpose ~ the essential celebration and spoiling of oneself ~ that Cleo collaborated with Carbon & Hyde (the makers of my original, beloved ‘V’ ring) on a unique range of earrings, ear cuffs, rings and necklaces. The collection debuted just in time for Valentine’s Day, but I think it’s much more appropriate just after. Those holiday roses are beginning to wilt, but the possibilities for personal victories are fresher than ever.

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