Checking In: El Cosmico, Marfa

14th January, 2015

Marfa exists for those who travel for travel’s sake ~ for those with a deep need for adventure, those who are wise, wild, and free. Its harsh winds scatter tumbleweeds through the air like cosmic pixie dust, causing wanderlusting wayfarers to blow constantly in and out of town. They come to make art, to make music, to cleanse or get loaded, to get lost, get found, to commune with the universe or just get weird with their friends. And if they’re not crashing couches or renting houses, they stay at El Cosmico.
Part trailer park, part teepee / yurt circle, part hippie commune, part roadside motel, El Cosmico is Marfa in a nutshell. It’s kooky but comfy, its quarters small but its grounds expansive. It offers communal bathrooms, outdoor showers, rolling papers and shamanic incense in every room and a damn-near-unbeatable view of the night sky. It’s pretty much the antithesis of every hospitality experience you’ve ever known ~ sort of like summer camp meets Woodstock meets Roswell.

El Cosmico is the handiwork of hotelier Liz Lambert, a Texas legend who also opened Hotel St. Cecilia and the Hotel San Jose in Austin. Its aesthetic is inspired by nomadic cultures in Mexico and India, and speaks to the spirit of the wanderer, the intrepid traveler. Its trailers and teepees ~ scattered across 18 acres of campground ~ look like ships floating on a desert sea. You can rent a wigwam or simply pitch your own tent.
ElCosmico3ABOVE LEFT| hand-pulled luggage wagons gather in El Cosmico’s parking lot, waiting to help you tow your worldly possessions to your appointed campsite  ABOVE RIGHT| an all-seeing eye piñata oversees our New Year’s Eve party preparationsElCosmico4At El Cosmico, the choices are simple: tent, trailer or teepee? The typical TVs and telephones are replaced by communal bonfires and classes on camp cooking.ElCosmico5b ElCosmico6We chose to stay in Spartan Manor (above + below): their top of the line trailer, the newest on property. Its cozy interior is decorated in Mexican textiles and lined in birch wood, varnished to a warm glow with yacht oil. It was a little cold for the outdoor showers, but at least our champagne stayed cool, sitting out on the deck.ElCosmico7ABOVE| in-room amenities include Palo Santo incense from Peru, Mexican chocolates, custom El Cosmico rolling papers, locally made bath products and Topo Chico  BELOW| my Gucci backpack proved perfect for life on the road ~ and our trailer’s Smeg refrigerator was the adorable mini-me of the one we have back home ElCosmico8 ElCosmico9I WORE| a lot of warm layers! vintage Pierre Cardin hat from Paris, Stella McCartney cashmere coat, Creatures of Comfort wool sweater, AYR jeans, Alberto Fermani boots and two pairs of socks BELOW| Zach’s J.W. Hulme bag made itself right at homeElCosmico10For more information or to make a reservation at El Cosmico, CLICK HERE!

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