A Fluid Geometry

9th December, 2014

We’ve been down in Miami for the past week, the horizon in our sights and magic on our minds. We’ve toured the art fairs and made some inspiration-rich work as a result, shooting almost nonstop. Awed by the diversity of artistic approach all around us, we’ve marveled at the idea that ~ metaphorically or literally ~ every great masterpiece began with a single stroke, a starting line on a blank piece of canvas.

That single line, that solitary brushstroke: what confidence and promise it holds! It’s a concept that ran through Maiyet’s Resort collection, whose standout silhouettes represented a study in minimalism, with lush silk wisps punctuated only occasionally by a crisp black hem or a spaghetti-string waistband. They gave us clothes stripped of excess, leaving only what matters remaining. It’s the calming response to so much visual noise, and a quiet refute is truly the fitting aesthetic stance of a company whose overarching strategy is built on rejecting the bad habits of an entire industry, a brand rewriting the rulebook to sit well with their conscience. That slim black line reminds us that clothes are merely a starting point; the art of style lies in where you take them.

Maiyet designs with a small footprint and a long shelf life in mind, a painterly fluidity to their pen and a strict geometry to their moral code. It’s an approach that inspires loyalty and excites the mind, and that is why we continue to celebrate them, season after season. We are consistently swept away.MaiyetResort2

  • For Resort 2015, Maiyet gave us clothes stripped of excess, whose standout silhouettes represented a study in minimalism, with lush silk wisps punctuated only occasionally by a crisp black hem or a spaghetti-string waistband.


    It recalls the work of Croatian artist Josip Vaništa, and also our favorite Yves Saint Laurent quote. He said, “I love black because it affirms, designs, and styles. A woman in a black dress is a pencil stroke.”


    Indeed, there is a draftsman’s precision in these clothes, an artful quality we aspired to uphold in our images of them.

  • All clothing + jewelry Maiyet Resort 2015


    We have a rich history of collaboration, celebration and friendship with Maiyet, as exemplified here and in Beauty + Truth, a poetic portfolio first published in the summer of 2013. Revisit that memorable journey in chapters ONE, TWO, THREE and FOUR.

  • Robyn

    Uhmmmm these photos are freaking GORGEOUS! Absolutely loveeee these. The black and white looks unreal!


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  • These photos are just stunning, I love their energy!

  • Love these photos and they are so inspiring<3

    Shall We Sasa

  • Fabulous shots, great feel and mood!

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  • Nico

    Wow, breathtaking!

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  • Such stunning pictures!
    Lots of love, xx


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