Tortuga Bay Travel Diary II

20th November, 2014

“Bodies in the sand, tropical drink melting in your hand…” ~ The Beach Boys, KokomoTortugaBay_2The ocean air is a powerful medicine. I never feel so well as when my feet are in the sand and my skin is sticky with salt water. There’s no greater joy than feeling deeply a part of the planet, a wandering little life-force, alive and animal and free.
TortugaBay_3The majority of our time at Tortuga Bay was spent in swimsuits (or less). We hiked out to lagoons hidden deep in the forest, natural freshwater pools the complexion of Labradorite. We paddle boarded over the ocean surf, watching stingrays glide lazily through their days beneath our boards. At night we stripped off our suits and floated stilly on the shallow sea, staring up at a sumptuous smattering of stars while lightning storms harpooned the horizon.
TortugaBay_4 TortugaBay_5 TortugaBay_6 TortugaBay_7 TortugaBay_8We never missed a sunrise and reveled in every sunset ~ rapturously applauding them as the Brazilians taught us to do. A seaside sunset always feels like one watched from the very edge of the earth, as if its end point was razor sharp and within reach, a monumental mandolin destroying each day’s sun.
TortugaBay_9ABOVE| out to sea in a Seventh Wonderland swimsuit
TortugaBay_10Mother Nature is the greatest artist of all, and no color is left unused in a Dominican Republic sky.TortugaBay_11 TortugaBay_12 TortugaBay_13If the skies and the waters, the sunsets and the swims offered an orgy of natural iridescence, the food bordered on over-saturation! Every dish, every drink was rainbows on a plate.
TortugaBay_14 TortugaBay_15 TortugaBay_16 TortugaBay_17ABOVE| heading out the door for dinner on the water in Oscar de la Renta earrings and an Elle Sasson dressTortugaBay_18Mango cocktails, fresh fish and fried plantains are apparently staples of the Dominican diet. Those crazy kids are clearly onto something.
TortugaBay_19 TortugaBay_20ABOVE| unabashedly happy to have a big ol’ bowl of burrata (topped in tomato glacée and capers) in my face (while wearing the most perfect resort dress ever by Elle Sasson)TortugaBay_21 TortugaBay_22Our stay at Tortuga Bay was a gift I won’t ever forget. The graciousness good-naturedness of our local hosts, the luxurious embrace of our island cottages, the freshness of the food, the abundance of fine wine and rum, the explosive skies and calming palms, the floury sand and those sweet, salty waters were a balm to our souls and a song to our hearts.
TortugaBay_23PHOTOS| by Jamie Beck
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