Packed For Adventure

20th October, 2014

After a busy summer out East and a fall filled thus far by Fashion Week, photoshoots and the construction and opening of Zach’s latest restaurant project, we are once again itching for an epic adventure. So today we’re taking off! To start, Jamie and I are hitting up the Dominican Republic to scope out Oscar de la Renta’s newly-redesigned Tortuga Bay resort, then Zach and I hop over to London and Paris to experience the romance of Europe in the fall. Make sure you’re following along on Instagram!

In preparation of this getaway, I popped over to Lord & Taylor’s Birdcage boutique to stock up on some travel amenities. I packed everything inside a soothing blue Lee Coren mountainscape tote (which reminds me of a view through clouds out an airplane window), with smaller toiletries tucked into the designer’s California landscape clutch (on the road, I always eschew a traditional Dopp kit for a bag that can do double-duty as an evening clutch).PackedForAdventure2Long flights provide a rare opportunity to unplug, so I like to make them feel as much like a mini-spa experience as possible (they can also be really drying for the skin, so there’s a practicality to that approach). I packed Priti NYC’s super-intensive moisturizer (I’ll use it all over!), plus a mint body oil from Mullein & Sparrow. Ever since Donna Karan taught me about the power of aromatherapy, I’ve always traveled with refreshing mint and citrus scents, so Joya’s No.1 perfume was an obligatory add-on. I wear as little makeup as possible on planes to avoid clogged pores, so a natural-toned lip gloss is enough. And I’ve found that while my skin gets dry, my hair somehow always ends up oilier when I fly, so a lightweight tube of dry shampoo got thrown in too.
PackedForAdventure3I never, ever go anywhere without a good scarf. This tie-dye number by Fig & Bella is perfect for keeping warm on a plane but then wearing as a sarong once I get to the beach. I keep my jewelry routine as minimal as my makeup, so Vanessa Liane’s gold and diamond stud earrings, paired with Ela Rae’s delicately beaded necklace are pretty much perfection.
PackedForAdventure4I nabbed some notecards by Regas just because they’re so totally my jam, but in fact I’m much better at posting Instagrams than sending letters ~ so make sure to follow me for up-to-the-minute digital postcards as we embark on our latest great adventure! And follow Erin as well while you’re at it; she’s vacationing in Asia and I’m sure it will be equally entertaining.

If you have travel tips on any of our scheduled destinations (Punta Cana, London, Paris), please leave us a note in the comments. We’re open to just about anything!

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