The Allure Of Lagos

23rd October, 2014

STILL WATERS RUN DEEP| In Portuguese, lagos means lake. It’s a word that ties back across history and continents to the people of Yoruba ~ the observers of the Orisha and the birthplace of Candomblé. The Yoruba originally occupied a town called Lagos, which has since become the center of the African music and movie industries. Today one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, it’s the place where Tanzanian beauty Flaviana Matata ~ the star of these portraits ~ won the 2011 Model of the Year award from Arise Magazine.

Flaviana was famously the first Miss Universe contestant to compete with a shaved head, defying the competition’s long-held standards of beauty by becoming a finalist for the title. She has gone on to establish a foundation that provides funding for education to girls in sub-Saharan Africa, women who wouldn’t otherwise have access. Lagos is also the surname of a jewelry designer whose work is recognized for its immaculate craftsmanship and caviar-like beading ~ classic, collectible pieces that sit back and let the woman wearing them shine through.Lagos2

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