Audacious Beauty

13th October, 2014

To be audacious is to take risks, to be intrepid and irreverent ~ and we’re living in a time in which feminine beauty is being reclaimed and redefined, when the option to be audaciously daring is available and acceptable like never before. Our icons are increasingly colorful and intellectual, and our cultural constructs are becoming much more expansive as a result.

Gender codes are bending to the point that drag queens like Conchita Wurst are able to break through, bearded and beautiful, and a pop star like Grimes can admit (as she did in the Fall issue of POP) that she’s never once shaved her legs. Shows like Transparent remind us how little we really know about the ones we love. Normcore may be fashion’s buzzword of choice this season, but in my lifetime I’ve never yet seen such a large-scale cultural disinterest in normalcy. What does normal even mean and who really wants that?!

Gay, straight, women, men, fat and thin ~ we’re all learning to be a little more comfortable in our own skin. Beauty is hard and soft, it is messy and real, it is butch and femme, naked or clothed. Humanity is beautiful, and sexuality is increasingly accepted as a fact of life instead of a foul fetish. All around me I see the proverbial veil being lifted, and it’s a mighty fine sight.

Women today understand that getting excited about a new tube of lipstick, or fighting to #freethenipple are not synonymous with accepting the male gaze and its impossible, imposing feminine ideals. Lena Dunham has opened doors for us to readdress our expectations of women’s bodies, while Petra Collins allows us to discuss menstruation and masturbation in the same sentence as unfettered innocence. It’s all good, girls. We’re figuring out how to embrace our sexuality and celebrate beauty in a way that’s not about pleasing anyone but ourselves.

These days, everyone is their own icon. We’ve all been told what we’re supposed to look like; audacious beauty is about getting excited about what you look like.

  • 2 ABOVE| Rachel wears NARS Audacious lipstick in Liv

    ABOVE| Simona wears NARS Audacious lipstick in Barbara

    AT RIGHT| Simona wears NARS Audacious lipstick in Deborah

  • Rachel wears Liv

    Rachel wears Liv

  • Simona wears Deborah

    Simona wears Deborah

  • ABOVE| Rachel wears NARS Audacious lipstick in Lana

    AT LEFT| Simona wears NARS Audacious lipstick in Fanny

    BELOW| Rachel wears NARS Audacious lipstick in Olivia

    BOTTOM 2| Rachel wears NARS Audacious lipstick in Michiyo

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  • WOW! This editorial is stunning!



  • This is such a beautiful way to show off Nars’ new lipsticks. Great idea, and gorgeous photos as always. 🙂

  • Rajeev Jindal

    WOW!!!! Love your outstanding collection of dark images.

  • mollie

    …and yet the models are both thin, white, shaved, and traditionally beautiful. they are what fashion tells us we are supposed to look like. the pictures are beautiful, but they have nothing to do with audacity or changing beauty standards. they are the standard.

  • SSolero

    Really great idea. Although I think the idea was better than the reality, or maybe the finished product wasn’t expedited quite right. I’m not liking the veils smashing down the hair so much, and perhaps the lipstick/make-up could have been showcased a bit more.

  • sophie Evans

    This pictures are AWESOME! The background, the color. I kinda agree with Mollie about the traditional beauty, but don’t loose the detail of the veil and the old underwear.

    It remind me of this as well

  • abigail

    The veil is very impressing! Amazing pictures!

  • SR

    Wow, the discussion on this one is fascinating. I love your text here, just love it. And I also love the observations about the photos in some of the comments that are pushing back. But in the end, the discussion wouldn’t have happened had your text not been poignant and set a very high bar for the images. This is the magic of this medium when used to its potential…you push, your readers push back, it informs your art moving forward…begin again. It’s wonderful.

  • Janet

    Gorgeous photos, even better writing. I love your commitment to conscious consumption and to creating our own icons. In these photos, I would have loved to see more kinds of bodies and beauties featured (although that last photo is just breathtaking!). I’ve been thinking about consumption not only in terms of what I buy or eat but also what enters my vision. I’m definitely seeking to nourish myself with images of beauty that are different than those produced by mainstream sources. Thank you for taking us in that direction.

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