Chanel: Concrete & Couture

26th September, 2014

Fashion people have long argued over the remaining relevancy of couture: does it have a place in the modern world? It may and it mayn’t, but as long as Karl Lagerfeld is around, it will continue to play a lead role in forcing fashion innovation forward. Where couture is oft considered a relic of the past, he is one designer who thinks only of the future.

Karl’s Fall collection for Chanel Haute Couture was inspired by concrete: that staple of modern design, the material essence of chilly simplicity, of ascetic starkness. But he gave it a soul, and what a foundation it served in return! As poured concrete once replaced planks and tiles in architecture, so Karl replaced couture’s complex patterns and seams this season with sculpted silicone-coated lace and tatter-beaded neoprene. To truly make something new, the old must be destroyed.

Youth will forever obliterate its forefathers, and just as couture has long thirsted for reinvention, so must art and culture move constantly forward. No city embodies that truism like New York, and from our vantage point, few of its denizens are leading the charge harder than India Salvor Menuez, an actress, artist, and valiant feminist whose thoroughly modern mindset makes her arresting Renaissance beauty all the more interesting. Sailing along the forefront of this city’s young creative scene, she embodies art, eschews artifice, defies convention and is making history as casually as the rest of us make breakfast. There could truly be no better muse than she to embody the possibilities of couture today.

  • CLOTHING + JEWELRY| by Chanel Haute Couture

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