Flash Of Light

20th August, 2014

From the beaches of Montauk and the streets of NYC to the boat docks of Austin, glistening, jewelry-like, temporary ‘flash’ tattoos were the stars of summer 2014. We saw them slipping out subtly around wrists and ankles, but like Oscar Wilde we believe nothing succeeds like excess. The more the merrier (especially when served with a dash of Issey Miyake).


  • THROUGHOUT: body jewelry by Flash Tattoos; clothing by Issey Miyake Pleats Please

    LEFT: hinged finger cuff by Ippolita; fingernail ring by Bijules; talon earrings by Campbell



  • Issey Miyake perfume

    Issey Miyake perfume

  • Flash Tattoos

    Flash Tattoos

  • Issey Miyake gown

    Issey Miyake gown

  • Embellished Ear Cuff

    Embellished Ear Cuff

  • Bijules Nail Ring

    Bijules Nail Ring

  • Ryan Storer Ear Cuff

    Ryan Storer Ear Cuff

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