{ The Circle Of Life }

CircleOfLife1Mandalas are circles train-tracked through with geometric pattern, hypnotic wheels designed to give a break to our busy minds and allow our creative pathways to run free. Mandalas represent the Self, the Earth, the Sun, the Moon ~ the wholeness and circularity of the universe. Buddhist monks draw mandalas in the sand, finish them, erase them, begin again. The urge to make mandalas indicates a re-balancing process is underway in our psyches, for they represent reordering, stabilizing.

The cycles of nature form their own perfect circle. Summer is a treasured time of human renewal, a chance to live outdoors, to be barefoot in the sand, roll in the grass and ground ourselves to the earth. To feel feral and free. The days are long and hot and inside those hours life’s beautiful possibilities are amplified ~ like ice, we melt into liquid, heat to a boil, then find ourselves floating, as free as the wind…CircleOfLife2|ABOVE| Anne Fontaine dress |BELOW| TOME tunic and skirt CircleOfLife3 CircleOfLife4CircleOfLife5|2 ABOVE|Laynea silk gown |BELOW + HEADER| Ellery top, TOME skirtCircleOfLife6|THE CIRCLE OF LIFE| starring Cosima Schelfhout |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Chloe Crespi |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |FLORAL DESIGN| by Bess Wyrick