Backyard Cinema

16th July, 2014

Around here, we fervently believe in the power and importance of upgrading the everyday: making every meal an occasion, applauding a sunset, opening our home to friends and filling it with a lot of love and fun. It’s this ethos that inspired us to collaborate with Ecco Domani Wines on some summer entertaining ideas; their brand is built on the same tenets we ourselves live by. For us, living every day like it’s your last means celebrating life in the moment: putting your best foot forward, wearing a pretty dress just because, using the good plates, living in harmony with nature, and taking care of the ones you love.MovieNight1For the past year and a half, we’ve divided time between New York City and Amagansett, a quiet little hamlet nestled between The Hamptons and Montauk on the easternmost tip of Long Island. Our time in the city is filled with momentum: industry, appointments, takeout and crowded restaurants ~ everything in inverse of the languorous days we spend in Amagansett. It’s a life with distinct yin and yang ~ a fantastic balance. Out East, happily ensconced in our little cabin in the woods, the rest of the world really fades away. In every direction, we’re surrounded by trees; we wake up under a canopy of leaves, glistening through the skylight above bed. You can almost hear their branches sing. The retreat feels endless, and it’s a cathedral we’re always loathe to leave. So we entertain at home, make every day festive, and lure friends into our little dreamworld so that we rarely have to abandon it.MovieNight2We’re surrounded by fisherman and farmland, fresh produce only a bike ride away. If you pop by at lunchtime you’ll likely find seared tuna tacos served alongside heirloom tomatoes and watermelon salad, for dinner, ceviche. The afternoons in between are spent poolside, and we rarely go inside again until it’s time for bed. Why should we? In lieu of lawn furniture, our grassy backyard is littered with sun-faded rugs, oversized pillows, Moroccan poufs and a random assortment of stuffed jungle animals. Friday night is movie night. We pin a white sheet to the clothesline and pull a few rugs and a projector up around it. Word has spread quickly that if you mosey over to our place at sunset, you’ll be just in time for the evening show.MovieNight3It’s the easiest, most impromptu of parties. We never know who exactly will drop by or how many friends they’ll bring, but it really doesn’t matter. There’s plenty of room around the fire. Popcorn is constantly exploding from our stovetop (it’s the simplest thing to make endless quantities of, then elevate with a sprinkling of herbed salt), and as long as we have plenty of wine and fixings for s’mores, then we’re pretty much in business ~ whether 2 or 20 roll up for the flick!MovieNight4|ABOVE| the menu is simple, and as easy to prep for 2 people or 20: stovetop popcorn, DIY s’mores, and great wine (usually red wines are more of a wintertime thing around our house, but I make an exception for this particular Merlot by Ecco Domani because of its bright, fruit-filled flavor; it’s an ideal summer red).MovieNight5 MovieNight6|ABOVE| stemless wine glasses are key to outdoor entertaining |BELOW| incense coils from Vietnam are forever burning around our house and yardMovieNight7 MovieNight8 MovieNight9|ABOVE| the secret to the perfect s’more? Patience! Take your time and let the marshmallows slowly puff up and soften, rather than burn. I also like to perch my chocolate-stuffed graham cracker on the side of the fire pit while roasting my marshmallow, to let the bar get nice and gooey.MovieNight10 MovieNight11|ABOVE| the key to life is to make it fun, to raise a glass to the everyday and to make small moments the most memorable. MovieNight12Hungry for more of that summertime good life? We’ve got you covered for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
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