I Want Candy!

10th June, 2014

Photo booths have always held such delicious mystery for me; they must be filled with stories. The seedy little stalls and bare fluorescent lighting lend a film noir eeriness, and yet they’re perfect for filling with giggling friends, all clambering to cram into four tiny film frames. There is nervous anticipation waiting for the columned prints, the suspense in wondering if the machine is even working or whether the strips will come out too light or too dark. In the best instances, what pops out is pure elegance: black and white, high-contrast glamour moments, frozen eternally in time.

Furla’s Pre-Fall handbag collection is similarly fanciful but mysterious. It’s classic shapes in sugary plastics, combined with seductive undercurrents ~ dark-spirited reds and sophisticated iridescences. The brand is famous for their ‘Candy’ bags, and it seems this season’s flavors must be butterscotch, lollipops, and poisoned apple. It’s the playfulness of summer sunshine, tempered with temptation ~ sinful bonbons for the wickedly elegant bon ton. Like the four faces in a photo booth film strip, it’s sweet then playful then sexy ~ a classic bit of fun.Candy2|ABOVE + BELOW| Tome top, Tableaux Vivants skirt, Furla bags and ballerina flatsCandy3b Candy4|ABOVE + BELOW| Honor shrug, Milly top + skirt, Furla bangles, bag and shoesCandy5 Candy6 Candy8|ABOVE + BELOW| Milly dressTableaux Vivants underpinnings, Furla bags and shoes Candy9 Candy10

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