Ceviche: The Flavor Of Summer

25th June, 2014

Watching all the World Cup action has me reminiscing about our recent trip to Brazil ~ the sunset soccer matches in Rio, the cuddling monkeys in the Amazon, the waterfalls of Iguassu, and especially the sea bass ceviche in Salvador. Now that we’re back out East for the summer season, we’re spoiled by an abundance of fresh fish and produce, and Zach has faithfully recreated that quintessential summer recipe, exactly as we discovered it at the Hotel Villa Bahia (replete with zesty mango, decadent crème fraîche and caviar!).

Photography and directing duo We Are The Rhoads made a trip out to Montauk to capture the magic of his approach to food ~ why he loves to cook and how we entertain ~ and Q by Equinox has the recipe for his yummy ceviche right here! Enjoy every bite, and always take the time to raise a glass to life, love, fresh food and good friends.

|IMAGES| via Gaby Dalkin and We Are The Rhoads for Q by Equinox

  • Alexandra Aimee

    Ohmygosh. This looks absolutely delicious!!

    — Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  • What a great video. 🙂

  • Dominique
  • Oh Kelly…Another beautiful, beautiful glimpse into your life! Loved the video. P E R F E C T !!! Ando above all your statement: “always take the time to raise a glass to life, love, fresh food and good friends”! You truly are an inspiration and, every Montauk picture you post makes me regret not taking the time to visit it when I travelled to NY. My sincere admiration from across the Ocean, from Portugal 🙂

    • theglamourai

      Thank you Carla for all your sweet, sincere support.


      • Thank you! For the inspiration you provide day after day…by the way, loved listening to you on shop talk 😉

  • Rossana

    We finally get to hear the voice behind all that yumminess… and I mean “all” of it. Well done and as always inspiring in many ways! Cheers to both of you for the loveliest of summers in your dreamy land!

  • I want to taste this !! it look so delicious !


  • Lulu

    Perfect in every way- thank you for sharing!

  • Irene Laura
  • Arline Jernigan

    You guys inspire once again. I am going to attempt a vegan version. I wish (I am so greedy, and as if either of you have the time), that Zach would create a food blog :} better yet a video blog vlog? Anyway, I very much enjoy your videos, and as usual, what you choose to focus on, an inspired, creative life!!!

  • Love Ceviche:P Awesome video:)


  • Beautiful video! I love sharing with people all the great little spots to find great food where we live – most people here don’t even realize there are amazing farms in our area that sell food that’s not only cheaper than in the store, but in most cases way better!

  • Such a heartwarming video, Kelly. I lurrrve you! ^_^

  • Emi & Kimi

    these pictures are great. love this!!


  • Summer calls….Will try the receipt..



  • Great photography! You make the boonies look beautiful. New life goal: move to Montauk every summer.

  • California

    the whole video is beautiful but I loved Erin’s dress – any idea where it’s from?

  • Caroline Lobo

    Very nicely written!

  • Megan

    Amazing! Between the mouth watering fresh ceviche and the Rose, I am definitely craving a Zach and Kelly inspired summer fiesta! Glad that you are still inspired by your travels in Brazil! Hugs!

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