The Dark Side of the Moon

17th June, 2014

|ABOVE| Urban Outfitters t-shirt, Milly skirt (similar), Tableaux Vivants underpinnings, Schutz shoes, LK Designs necklace, OMEGA watch, Borgioni and Wendy Yue rings

In our myriad projects and lines of work, inspiration forever ebbs and flows. We absorb it, we use it, we share it. Last week, we went to a party for Omega, where they launched their new Speedmaster ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ watch. Ominously elegant and crafted from a single slab of zirconium oxide ceramic, the sleek, black timepiece (pictured throughout) pays homage to the Omega watches worn by Apollo 8 astronauts, the first humans to ever see the dark side of the moon with their own eyes. True newness, a seed of inspiration.

A few weeks ago, we grilled an abundant farm dinner, strung a white sheet up across the backyard, hauled a video projector outside, and thus annointed outdoor movie nights as the friend-gathering, weekend activity du jour this summer. For our first screening, a buddy insisted we do a revival of The Dark Side Of The Rainbow ~ that throwback tradition so beloved by high school stoners, wherein one watches The Wizard Of Oz (oh, those ruby slippers!) in sync with Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon album. Another seed. If you start the film (sound off) and the album (sound way up!) at just the right time, the visual portions of the film seem to match up with the music. Have you ever tried watching the movie that way? The synchronicity is arresting. Pink Floyd band members have always insisted that it’s totally coincidental ~ but even the dispersive prism on the album’s cover seems to reflect the movie’s transition from black-and-white Kansas to technicolor Oz.
DarkSideOfTheMoon2|ABOVE| Ellery top |HE WEARS| OMEGA watch, Zana Bayne harness

Are they really related? Who can say. Inspiration, causality and creative energies are eternally moving targets; how do you catch a wave upon the sand?

Seediness itself (the photographic playground of artists like Helmut Newton and Araki) is inspiring us lately. At that same dinner party, another friend theorized that the spring in which Fifty Shades of Grey hit bookstands was the lustiest chapter in New York City history. Everyone was hooking up, he claimed. It made me giggle, thinking of all the nice-looking subway riders secretly reading that book on their Kindles and eyeing each other lasciviously. A summer of love not envisioned by the hippies of the sixties.DarkSideOfTheMoon3b|ABOVE| Ellery top and skirt, Secrets in Lace stockings, Wendy Yue earrings, OMEGA watch, Ivanka Trump, Wendy Yue and Moritz Gilk rings

We recently styled a campaign for a client at the estate where Cruel Intentions was filmed ~ and of course had to screen the movie for ‘research’ beforehand. I loved Sarah Michelle Gellar’s racy bustiers, Ryan Phillippe’s contemptuous snarl, their disaffected sexuality. The slime of too much luxury. Those stylistic touchstones weren’t right for that shoot, but I’d been ruminating on them ever since anyway. Good ideas always find a way to be exorcized.

Tune in later this week RIGHT HERE to see more of what grew from these and a hundred other tiny seeds, and always remember to unceasingly soak up whatever stimuli life feeds you. Be it a cool watch, a classic movie or a campy paperback: inspiration is everywhere, especially after dark

|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Greg Swales

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