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SimpleLife1I love to live in an inspiring environment with beautiful things, but am forever learning the difference between things that matter and things that are just things. My recent move required me to let go of a lot of stuff, and I don’t miss a piece of it. Instead, I am celebrating being surrounded by items with history: handmade or vintage treasures, keepsakes that tell the story of the life we live ~ from where we have been to where we are going. Below, a few more little corners of our Amagansett world that make me especially happy… SimpleLife2|ABOVE| last summer I made my own chalkboard paint (it’s easy ~ just mix regular house paint with unsanded grout!) and painted a quirky little totem onto one of Zach’s old surfboards, which we used as a daily-changing menu board at Turf. Now it hangs out as an artistic memento in our bedroom, next to framed his-and-hers Zodiac prints by Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown. SimpleLife3|ABOVE| I believe in investing in good bedding, and buy pretty much all of ours from Matteo. I love their bohemian fringed pillowcases (which always remind me of sleeping in hammocks in the Amazon jungle) and especially adore this linen cloud of a coverlet (I mean, can you handle the dreaminess?!). Our little embroidered pillow is from Morocco and the wonderful quilted duvet is from Reaching Out in Hoi An, Vietnam ~ an amazing shop that employs only disabled artisans, and whose entire proceeds go directly to investing in their education (something that, without this store’s efforts, they would have no access to). SimpleLife4|ABOVE LEFT| an antique mirror and a great lamp from Anthropologie decorate my Amagansett vanity |ABOVE RIGHT| a pretty little wind chime from our trip to The Grand Canyon SimpleLife5|ABOVE| Zach chops watermelons on this gorgeous cutting board SimpleLife6|ABOVE| Shortly after we first met, Zach gave me this book on Wabi-Sabi, knowing that the Japanese ethos (essentially, an existential acceptance and aesthetic of impermanence and imperfection) would inspire my own creative journey. It’s had a huge impact on the way I see things ever since, which led us both into an obsession with Axel Vervoordt, an artistic and interiors visionary and monolithic influence on the international design scene (T Magazine did a wonderful feature in last weekend’s summer edition on the penthouse he just completed atop New York’s Greenwich Hotel (click to page 137 to read it)). Living with his work usually requires one to acquiesce a sizable fortune, but we were lucky enough to pick up a pair of his chairs for a song at Ina Garten’s estate sale. It’s moments like these that keep us constantly trawling thrift stores and get us out of bed early every Saturday morning, hitting the back country roads with the classifieds clutched in hand. For us, for life, the hunt is the fun.

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    Gorgeous bedding!

  • Lisa

    Lovely details :)

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

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    Cool images <3

    xx Elisa – My Fantabulous World

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    Love these photos:) XO


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    Great pictures! Like your blog <3

    Dominika from thenaturalness.blogspot.com

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    Great shots! I really like the details you’ve chosen to keep.

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    Beign surrounded by things with history makes a house more “warm” and personal, a little shelter.

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  • http://www.fancyalterego.wordpress.com/ Heather P.

    I’m preparing for a big move in the next couple months, so I am starting on the path of getting rid of “stuff.” It’s so freeing to know you can live without so much of what you already have!

    I love that your new home reflects both your new(ish) relationship, and the amazing traveling you’ve done over the past couple years. It’s a great way to bring the vacation home with you!

  • Dominique
  • Phuong

    Hi Kelly,
    I can totally relate to you on this. When I moved out a couple of years ago I started my life the way I had always wanted. I don’t have too many things around the house now but the things I’ve had here all matter to me in one way or another.
    I thought I knew this beautiful hand-sewn duvet and indeed I do. It’s amazing you didn’t mind the bulk at all travelling back home. I once found a similar duvet which I really loved, also from a non-profit organization (training and employing women from rural areas in Vietnam and Cambodia) but had to give it up because my home has no AC :’)
    Love. Phuong

  • Liz

    my mouth is watering looking at that watermelon!

    xo, Liz

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    Loooooove your handmade handrawn surfbort!!! You are the coooooest Kell!!! Love you and Zach to pieces! Your quilt is to die for! Love ya xxooo Cailli and Sammy (and da pups) http://www.BeckermanBlog.com

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    I absolutely love your blog. I feel like so many bloggers are focused on themselves, but your blog educates and inspires! Keep writing :)

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    Love this! I defiantly agree. Every year or 6 months I do a massive clear out and get rid of any unneeded/used/wanted items, it brings me piece of mind, and clarity. I love having decorations or souvenirs from places I have been, little unique markets, etc :)

    Emily Jayne Lewis