The Future Starts Slow

7th May, 2014

Greta Eagan stands for ethical fashion, considered fashion, slow fashion. She’s the recently published author of ‘Wear No Evil‘ and creator of, an all-around eco-warrior and conscientious fashion icon. Greta believes we can change the world with our wardrobes, and has made it her life’s mission to show us all it’s possible.

GretaEagan2In recent months, we’ve looked at brands like Maiyet and John Hardy, plus artists like Nick Van Woert, who are questioning our culture’s environmentally destructive and archaic methods of production and consumption. We invited Greta over for a slumber party at The William Hotel, and asked her to introduce a few more ecologically responsible visionaries into our midst. GretaEagan2|ABOVE| Suzanne Rae cotton gown, Natalie Frigo necklaces // SUZANNE RAE describes her work as both feminine and feminist, built on a minimalist aesthetic and a foundation of social awareness and sustainable decision-making. Her silhouettes are mannish, form-obscuring and monastic, but still somehow still womanly. It’s honest, tactile, ethical austerity. GretaEagan3|ABOVE| Allison Parris gown, Natalie Frigo necklace // ALLISON PARRIS’ COLLECTION is built around the idea that retaining moral values and being able to wear beautiful, well-made clothing are not mutually exclusive pursuits. Thus, the designer uses organic silks, fabrics made of recycled materials and factories within Manhattan’s Garment District in order to create a better clothing experience from beginning to end. GretaEagan4|ABOVE RIGHT| Suzanne Rae oversized shirt, Natalie Frigo earrings and necklace, Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeur shoes // ARDEN WOHL’S COLLABORATION with Cri de Coeur came about of a quest for footwear that was not only vegan, but also totally nontoxic ~ to fill a gaping void in a market that has Stella McCartney at the top, flimsy PVC options at the bottom, and very few quality, contemporary offerings in between. GretaEagan5|ABOVE| Suzanne Rae sweater, Natalie Frigo earrings // NATALIE FRIGO SCULPTS each and every design by hand in her lower Manhattan studio, marrying recycled metals with ethically sourced gemstones. She uses conflict-free stones, individually tracking each one through its full chain of custody, ensuring that ethical practices were used in its mining, cutting and polishing. A newly mined 18-karat ring can create up to twenty tons of waste, whereas a recycled ring creates almost none ~ and its metal is as beautiful reworked as it ever was new. GretaEagan6|ABOVE| SVILU dress and sweater, Arden Wohl x Cri de Cour shoes |BELOW| SVILU blazer and pants, Natalie Frigo earrings // SVILU’S SILHOUETTES are borrowed from the boys but designed by and for women, with an eye towards subtle specialness and a dedication to environmental sustainability. Their materials are mindfully sourced; the styles are locally produced and designed to endure the ebb and flow of trends. Like all the brands featured here, they ask us to consider our consumption. Buy slow, buy thoughtfully, buy well, buy less.GretaEagan7|THE FUTURE STARTS SLOW| starring Greta Eagan |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Scott Brasher |STYLING| by Kelly Framel |EDITORIAL ASSISTANCE| by Erin Framel |HAIR + MAKEUP| by Alice An |SHOT ON LOCATION| at The William Hotel

  • Julia Lutsyuk

    Amazing photos! Very stylish!

  • Awesome pictures! 🙂 XO

  • Maxcebycecilej

    She’s absolutely perfect! such a bright and joyful face, and the blue dress is wonderful!

    Love from France <3


  • Lovely pictures! She’s so beautiful

  • SR

    “On average, a newly mined 18-karat ring creates twenty tons of waste, whereas a recycled ring creates almost none ~ and its metal is as beautiful reworked as it ever was new.” –Wow–Absolutely fascinating and the best argument yet for buying vintage/antique/recycled jewellery ;^) .

  • Nico

    What great shots!

    New outfits and trends on lowbudget-lowcost Fashion blog

  • Katherine

    Thank you for this post. As I wend through my own closet in an attempt to eliminate and
    simplify, I want to replace trend and synthetic with not only long term but natural and ethically made pieces as well. This points me in the right direction. Best to you.

  • Agoprime
  • Everything looks so comfy! Especially that oversized white sweater!

  • bloomaglow

    I really love the message you’re bringing lately. Is so easy to fall in love with fashion that many times I don’t make time to think about where it comes from or the impact that these things have on our environment. Is rare to find a stylist so deep into the fashion world that is also so conscious about the things that matter. I absolutely love that you featuring these designers and helping us be more aware and conscious of our choices.

  • JZ

    I love the earrings!

  • akeera

    looking sagacious………..Hi frds r u looking for designs like this
    ……just hav a look on unnati silks… u will be mesmerized with their
    collections………..designers of unnatisilks are so expertised in designing
    …….if u see…u will never forget the designs……

  • Guest

    Kelly, it’s so exciting reading your spotlights on eco-conscious designers, and actually being able to see how beautifully the clothes are styled in editorial shoots. Designers and the public are realizing how good eco-fashion can look – it will take a long time to rethink and transform the future of fashion design, but it’s so encouraging to see bloggers passionate in supporting this change.

    We are currently producing a documentary on the impact of denim on the environment, called RiverBlue – our project can be found on Just wanted to say thank you for all the creativity, inspiration and thoughtfulness you add to the conversation on slow fashion. Cheers from Vancouver BC!

  • inubiyamarsha

    She is gorgeous! Hopefully soon my wardrobe will be 100% ethical and organic. Keep informing and edu-taining Kelly

  • maya

    The lady looks gorgeous whatever shes wears.

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