Always A Party At Patina

12th May, 2014

Patina is probably the coolest place we’ve yet gotten to kick it in in New York City. It’s an ever-evolving 3-dimensional Pinterest board of an enormous warehouse space, where charmingly reupholstered vintage couches wait like eager chess pieces, ready to be rearranged and played with. We were lucky to shoot there on a Friday afternoon, when Roberta’s legendary pizza and spiked mint lemonades flow freely.

Being there feels like an instantly-comfy cocktail party at your coolest friend’s loft. One never wants to leave, to return to reality. Had we officially discovered New York’s best kept secret? Could we bear to share it?! Well, it wouldn’t be right to keep it all to ourselves. We administered a good old The Glamourai grillfest to Corrin Arasa, mastermind, founder, and creative director of this delectable spectacle. RentPatina2|ABOVE| Corrin Arasa, the sparkling, pixie-cut queen of this magical land

Where are you from?
East End of Long Island

What brought you to New York?
Was there another option?!

How do you describe Patina?
Patina is pretty unique, we are a vintage and handmade furniture design studio and rental shop. We work with event designers to create unique and memorable spaces. Coming from that background myself, my passion for vintage furniture and design has always been part of my creative aesthetic, and now I’ve come full circle with Patina. It’s my entelechy; I couldn’t imagine doing anything else ever again.

Can anyone drop in?
Yeah, sure, just give us a heads-up first.  On Fridays we usually make mimosas or bloody mary’s so its a good day to come by.

What sort of collaborators have contributed to the uniqueness of Patina’s pieces?
This year we started collaborating with makers and artists to create custom collections for Patina.  Our first collection was a collaboration with Domestic Construction, some amazingly talented designers in Brooklyn, and we just launched another with The Color Condition, installation artists out of Dallas who create these beautiful and colorful streamers that, when installed, just take a life of their own. I love working with creative people to bring elements that might have been difficult to attain before, and bringing them to a new market.
RentPatina3|ABOVE| an eighties-era dining chair that’s been completely reinvented with weavings by Domestic Construction

How often is the space completely reinvented?
Almost every day! Because things come and go all the time the space is in a constant state of change. Some days it’s completely full, on a busy day it could be totally empty.  We are also always building new pieces or bringing life to old ones, so we have new things in the studio all of the time. We have fun by constantly rearranging and playing with different set ups to get inspiration and see how things work together.  It’s pretty cool to be in a real-life size inspiration board surrounded by everything I love.

How were you able to raise the capital to invest in this collection?
After I left corporate life about 10 years ago I started an event design and production company ~ we did some pretty major events for some great brands. I invested some of the earnings from that venture into Patina.  I couldn’t have made a better choice ~ this combines all of my passions.

What is the most elaborate project you’ve done?
We worked with Spotify to source and design some pieces for their NYC and San Francisco stages. We picked up on their already amazing office design and created some custom vintage-inspired lighting, sourced some great pieces that fit their vibe, and redesigned some vintage couches and chairs in colorful velvets. This was a really fun project to work on ~ the team over there is amazing.RentPatina4My favorite daydream is the launch of Patina Home, a new retail collection.

I’d like to steal this turquoise 1960’s BMW that is always parked down the block. The windows are always open and I just want to jump in and drive away.

I am happiest when I’m sitting on my porch at home up in the Hudson Valley on a warm Friday evening. Its renovation is an ongoing project and also feels very much an extension of Patina.

The most memorable party I’ve ever been to was a throwback roller skating party in a big old warehouse in Bushwick.  Oh ok, so it was our party! We decked out the place with all of our stuff, had Chances with Wolves play throwback jams, and Roberta’s rolled in the wood fire oven to serve slices. Coolhaus brought the ice cream truck right into the warehouse, and we had a tattoo artist there doing real, live tattoos for anyone who wanted one (there was a waitlist for 30 that had to be refused!). Our friends and clients are really fun, there was breakdancing on roller skates involved; it was a great night!

Roberta’s Pizza is on speed dial.

My #1 social media addiction is Instagram (ed note: she’s got a majorly follow-worthy Pinterest account too!)

My greatest fashion moment was when I worked at a library when I was in high school and my boss called me in to his office to discuss my “strange wardrobe”.

I want to be able to keep a plant alive.RentPatina5The thing that would surprise people most about my job is how much furniture I can lift.

My top beauty essentials are Ren Cleansing Balm and Chantecaille Water Lily Lipstick

Every woman should own a killer vintage men’s watch.

Every man should own a killer vintage men’s watch.

I’d love to have a chance to work with Diane von Furstenburg, she’s a pretty amazing lady.

My favorite place to shop is at auctions.

These days, the thing I wear most often is a ripped up old pair of Earnest Sewns, Adidas Gazelles and a t-shirt with loads of vintage necklaces and rings.

The coolest place I’ve ever been is Grinda, a small island outside of Stockholm.

Right now, I’m obsessed with African Mudcloth and Peruvian Textiles.

Vintage is where my soul feels most at home.

Being a glamourai means being brave enough to be your true self.

|PHOTOGRAPHY| by Reid Rolls

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