Upgrading The Everyday

14th May, 2014

Restyling my living space is one of my favorites ways to relax. It’s meditative, creative, and unblocks any clogs in my imagination. Out in Amagansett, I can spend whole evenings puttering around the house, rethinking tabletops and bookshelves ~ visually refreshing the space (and my own sense of perspective and place) by constantly rearranging the objects within it.

I especially adore redressing the handmade picnic table that takes pride of place in the heart of the house. It’s at the center of all our goings-on, so I treat it with an ever-evolving installation of found objects, candles, plants and flowers. Every weekend we’re out there, it changes slightly. I’m so lucky that Zach loves to cook because it gives me an excuse to create beautiful tables to compliment his cuisine. The man lives for hospitality; he loves to eat and entertain. Whether it’s just the two of us or 200 people for a party, he takes mealtimes seriously: always the freshest ingredients, playful flavors and thoughtful wine pairings. He cooks as a demonstration of love, and I create beauty so that we may live in it.

He’s prepping for a big event over Memorial Day weekend, and I love getting to be the guinea pig on which he tests recipes. We’ve been working on it with Ecco Domani, an Italian wine brand with deep roots in the fashion world. Their Ecco Domani Fashion Fund has helped emerging designers get off the ground for years, and many of their past winners (like Alexander Wang, Prabal Gurung and Rodarte) have proven to be among the industry’s most luminous talents. EccoDomani_2|ABOVE| Pinot Grigio chilling in a Tina Frey ice bucket from Love Adorned in Amagansett |BELOW| a bowl of clementines, our favorite snackEccoDomani_3Inspired by the light citrus and delicate floral aromas that combine with hints of tropical fruitiness in their crisp, refreshing Pinot Grigio, Zach worked out a menu that marries fresh local vegetables with fun, fruity flavors. Toasted coconut gets mixed into a ginger-lime vinaigrette sauce, then tossed over chopped tomatoes and shredded kale. Juicy chunks of watermelon are joined by sprigs of basil, mint and crumbling feta cheese. Seared tuna sits on lettuce leaves, under a creamy chipotle sauce, sliced avocado and shredded cabbage, for an lighter approach to tacos. It’s healthy, casual (but special!) beach food ~ just the way we like to eat.EccoDomani_4 EccoDomani_5|ABOVE + BELOW| our meals out East are always conjured up from what’s available at the farm stand down the street ~ like these beautifully colored heirloom tomatoesEccoDomani_6|ABOVE| chopped tomatoes tossed with shredded kale and a homemade toasted coconut vinaigrette sauce |BELOW| seared tuna covered in avocado and cabbage and served taco-style in crisp lettuce leavesEccoDomani_7On the flight home from Venice, I read an interesting blurb in the inflight magazine, concerning the way social media has changed the amount of value we place on material things. The writer theorized that because sharing our lives’ adventures has become so easy and instantaneous and the perspective so intimate (and well-filtered), being able to boast a fantastic experience now commands far more societal esteem than a new designer bag.

I think that’s just about the best argument for the social media revolution I’ve ever heard. It means that we are investing in experiences, memories ~ mind-expanding trips around the world and quality time spent with friends. Sharability encourages us to look for the beauty already around us, and to create more of it ourselves at every opportunity ~ authentically upgrading our adventures, each and every day. Its transparency incentivizes us to take a little more time setting a table, to buy fresh flowers and use real linens and classic glassware  ~ to make an event out of everyday moments.EccoDomani_8|ABOVE| handmade plates picked up on EtsyEccoDomani_9Another life lesson I’ve picked up over so many trips to Italy over the years? It’s always a good idea to make time for languorous lunches, with a cornucopia of clean foods, good friends, and crisp white wines. Work can wait a while; life is for living, and every day is a special occasion if you choose to make it so.EccoDomani_10

  • Arline Jernigan

    I have said it before, but I do appreciate what you bring to your readers. I am always in appreciation of creativity, beauty and how we can intentionally infuse it into our lives. I definitely want to bring more love into my eating experience (as I have not done so in the past) , and cooking with love then presenting it with the same love, can only bring more nourishment to the body and soul. Thank you for your offerings, because they do inspire me. They inspire me to expand my world, and push my creative expression into new territory, especially and most importantly, with the co-creative relationships of lovers. BTW, I would really like to know what Zach wears too, like the pants he has on in the Amagansett post. My boyfriend needs some that are similar 🙂

    • AMEN.

    • Lisa Pearce

      Thanks for expressing how many of us feel. I love this blog, and have followed and appreciated it’s iterations over the years. This post is so lovely, quiet, yet inspiring – I know what I’ll be doing and thinking about this weekend!

  • MarĂ­a

    This looks delicious!!! Love the pictures.
    Lots of love, xx


  • Maggie A

    Everything looks so savory <3

    Be sure to check out my blog.

    Maggie A

  • Chic Streets & Eats

    Beautiful tablescapes, such a loving and organic way of spending a lunch or entertaining. You are one lucky gal with Zach’s cooking talents!

  • Natty

    Nice post 🙂

  • This is one of my favorite posts you’ve ever done (which I’ve admittedly said a million times before–but you keep “killing it”). While so many lifestyle-geared blogs simply place beautiful photographs in front of us and walk away, you really put thought into them, and then you share those wonderful/inspiring thoughts with your readers. I’m a writer, and this is a fashion/lifestyle blog MADE for writers. You’re a deeper thinker, at least overtly, than a lot of the other characters I’m seeing on the web–it’s incredibly refreshing.

    Your site is my virtual prozac–whenever I’m having a bad day, or forget why I’m doing what I’m doing (writing and writing and writing, and then sharing it all with the Internet), I come here and get the best kind of kick-in-the-ass: one that reminds me of all the possibilities and intoxicating moments that can come with life, if only you allow them to. I love a lot of blogs, but it’s rare that one so consistently hits it out of the park–so thank you for putting all the work that you do into it, I truly believe that even a gesture as simple on the surface as creating this beautiful post can alter a person’s day (and refresh their dreams!) for the better. X


    • Rossana

      So well stated and I could not have said it better myself!

  • consciously sartorial

    Wow! I wish my lunches were this pretty! There’s a lot to be said for making our everyday exceptional and dedicating time and effort to make our daily rituals significant and enjoyable – very inspiring!

  • Tracy

    These pictures are fabulous!

  • Awesome photos:) XO


  • Janel

    I love your blog, your writing is so eloquent and thoughtful. Great post!

  • Nico

    U aqre always so inspiring and shots here are always perfect!

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  • I’m so glad to hear you’re finding inspiration in your travels, and working those things into your home! Also glad to hear you found a guy who loves to cook – everything looks delicious!

  • Jamie House

    With this beautiful post I HATE to be one of those people…but the plates and the napkins are so fabby! where where?!
    I’ve been reading from the beginning, you keep getting better & better. Prost!

  • Lindsey
  • Daniela Vassileva

    Thank you for sharing your intimate experiences that are actually inspiring and that’s the main reason I like social media as you mention is to learn from each other !
    Staged beauty is appreciated , but sometimes too contrived and adds none or little value !
    Would definitely make that simple but exquisite meal you posted ! Looks beautiful too ! Cheers

  • Agoprime
  • Great post! Post with a soul!


  • maya

    I am glad to see such daily updates.

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