STOP! And Smell The Roses

1st April, 2014

As I’ve been thinking about a return to simplicity and focusing my energies on what really matters in life, it’s been inspiring to hear that so many of you feel the same way too. Technology and social media afford us such wonderful possibilities of expression and connection, but if we are not careful, it can all become a lot of senesless noise. It’s crucial that we balance the mania of life with moments of quiet contemplation ~ the art of nothingness. Human existence is simple, animal, beautiful, basic, pure. May today’s images inspire a moment of meditation, may they remind you to always stop and smell the roses.Caroline2 Caroline3 Caroline4

Caroline5 Caroline6 Caroline7|STOP AND SMELL THE ROSES| starring Caroline Ventura |PHOTOGRAPHY| by Jamie Beck |CINEMAGRAPH| by Kevin Burg |STYLING| by Kelly Framel

  • lavieenliz
  • Francisc

    These pics are amazing!

  • Nico

    Great idea the inspo for this post!

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  • Shopopal

    Beautiful pictures!

  • Amazing pictures! Very inspiring.

    New on

  • beautiful pictures. i love caroline’s jewellery line! =)

  • beautiful! I just began to incorporate meditation to my daily routine and I already feel a difference in the way my day goes by. I’m more calm and I started appreciating all the small things that happen such as a nice breeze and the way the leaves move through it

  • Dana Jo

    wonderful pictures! thank you for sharing ..

  • Beautiful photos for a beautiful message. I don’t know what it is about the start of spring this year…maybe it’s the juxtaposition with such a long, bleak winter…but I feel the need to go outside and enjoy it more this year.

    Now, if the roses could start blooming soon so I can smell them…haha…we’ll be all set!

  • Tara Howisey

    Delicious. Love the second to last image. Pure and restful.

  • Fantastic GIF, so peaceful. The whole shoot is.

  • Kevin Shahroozi

    Love her fearlessness! and her comfortability with herself.

  • Greta Gale

    These are such beautiful pictures – I agree with your idea on simplicity, I definitely need to adopt a similar approach!

    x greta

  • Velveteen

    This is Devine Kelly!


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