Diesel World Headquarters

11th April, 2014

The impetus behind my trip to Venice was to witness the reboot of the Diesel brand. A figurehead in the luxury denim arena for 35 years, Diesel recently determined it was ready for a refresh. Founder Renzo Rosso tapped Nicola Formichetti ~ longtime collaborator of Lady Gaga and former creative director of Mugler ~ for the job of injecting fresh energy into his already well-oiled machine. Nicola brought in his motley crew of happy fashion bandits, and the resulting debut collection left no doubts as to Diesel’s reclaimed relevance.

Hours before that spectacle took on the runway, however, I had a chance to tour Diesel’s massive headquarters (one hour outside Venice) ~ after which I was already more than sold on the idea of living in a Diesel-run reality.DieselHQ2THE LOBBY of Diesel HQ boasts Europe’s largest ‘living wall’ DieselHQ4THE MASSIVE CAMPUS includes a multilevel archive of past Diesel designs and vintage reference collections DieselHQ5 DieselHQ6 DieselHQ7THE DOUBLE STORY offices of Renzo Rosso are a light- and art-filled ode to 35 years of writing denim history DieselHQ8 DieselHQ9 DieselHQ10ALL THAT RUGGED LEATHER and wood had me dreaming up ideas for our Amagansett getaway DieselHQ11 DieselHQ12 DieselHQ13 DieselHQ14 DieselHQ15 DieselHQ16EVEN THE COMPANY CAFETERIA is exploding with style DieselHQ17|PHOTOS| by Kelly |#FOLLOWITFINDIT| we’ve got lots more decor inspiration HERE, HERE and HERE!

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  • wonderful decor!! I can’t wait to have my own place and decorate it in my own way

  • Wow love these vintage denim there <3

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  • Nico

    A really amazing world!

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  • Anna

    If Mr Rosso ever gets tired of denim, he could very well become an interior designer. Beautiful building + interiors indeed!

  • What an experience, fabulous decor! xx

  • She

    I love that wall garden, it’s beauitful.

  • Saša Rakovec

    Great photos!


  • You had me at “living wall.”

    It must have been SO hard for you not to run out of there with all that denim. You look like you’re in heaven!

  • AbraHam ZepEda


  • Smith

    Fantastic …..great…i never come across something like this before……

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  • Dana Jo

    What an inspiring place! Every picture with so many details to look.
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  • Kevin Shahroozi

    Love their eclectic style! Great brand especially with their world popular denim

  • Stunniing pictures!

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