Carolina Herrera’s Sunshiny Studio

25th April, 2014

A CLOSER LOOK into the sun-drenched studio of designer Carolina Herrera, where whimsical prints somersault with Warhols… StudioHerrera2|ABOVE| the Swimming Ladies print ~ a playful reminder of hot weather holidays, when time floats by with the sun, sand and sea ~ is Carolina Herrera’s personal favorite from among the Archive collection StudioHerrera3 StudioHerrera4|ABOVE + BELOW| the vibrant Botanicals print was inspired by 18th Century English flora and fauna illustrations that Mrs. Herrera discovered at the Metropolitan Museum of Art book store StudioHerrera5 StudioHerrera6 StudioHerrera7|ABOVE| Carolina Herrera’s desk | BELOW| the Love Letters print is a reminder that with a little luck, sitting down with pen and paper can make dreams come true StudioHerrera8 StudioHerrera9|ABOVE| even pop iconography has its place in Carolina Herrera’s rarefied world, as proven by the Marilyn print |BELOW| a portrait of the designer by Andy Warhol StudioHerrera10 StudioHerrera11|PHOTOS| by Kelly

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